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  • Transposing will transfer over flame stats as well

    Bug type: Transposing maintains the flames from previous equip

    Brief bug summary: When transposing an item with KMS flames (Tyrants, Meister Earrings, Inverse Earrings, etc.), the flames on those items will be maintained after transposing, instead of taking the SW item's flames.

    More details: This is inconsistent and is not intended, according to the Bonus Stats forum post.

    (anything not included in the other sections of your report)

    Steps to reproduce: Flame a Tyrant Cape, or some other Lv140-150 Boss type equip (Meister Earring/Inverse Earring/Ocean Glow) and transpose onto a SW equivalent (Cape, Earring, Boot, etc.)

    (if not covered in the summary)

    Character name: CodeNox

    Character level: 250

    Character job: Night Walker

    World name: Reboot

    Date and time of the incident: 7/21 7PM

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  • Compilation: New Ways of Obtaining Meso / Nebulite

    I appreciate your efforts to point out alternatives, but skirting around the changes and settling for less than table scraps compared to what we had is no way to go about making a change for the better and get Reboot back to where it needs to be with meso gains. That only shows Nexon that we are willing to take it over a barrel with no lube. No thanks.

    I'm gonna make it clear right now: I do not think Nexon will revert this change. The logic behind the fix actually was sound, and while it is incredibly unpopular, meso farming with Kanna on Reboot has always been an issue of contention. The community is already very split on this issue, and I am trying to focus on not only alternatives, but more methods, suggestions, and ideas with which we can tweak current systems to still make good enough rates to progress.

    I am not just trying to "skirt the issue", but trying to make other, more diverse methods viable. If you look at all the victories Reboot has won: Buff Freezers, Cube Bundles, they all had a focus on practicality and logical analysis of the benefits, alternatives, and negatives.