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Quest triggers lock up Flash Jump

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edited July 2018 in Bug Reporting
Bug type: Functionality

Brief bug summary: While in a certain area of the map that may trigger quest changes it will lock up mobility skills such as Flash Jump. Other skills are unaffected and walking out of that area will allow usage of Flash Jump again.

Korean Folk Town, the tree in the middle of the town (near Library portal) where an available quest triggers a dialogue.

Chu Chu Island: Hungry Muto, the pot where you hand in food materials.

Arcana: Spirit Savior, the middle bottom of the map or the "pit" where you hand in Rock Spirts.


  • MiraMira
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    edited July 2018
    Yup, as a Magician I can't use Teleport in these areas either. It is extremely annoying, especially in Spirit Savior, if you land in the middle of the drop-off area, you basically have to walk yourself out of the pit which is a huge time waste. =/ It's because the game is constantly checking for returnable items, which causes some sort of lag that prevents mobility skills. Highly annoying to say the least...
  • bumbertyrbumbertyr
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    Yeah, I noticed I experience this during spirit savior.

    Looking into it. -thumbsup-