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One With The Map Contest

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One With The Map Contest
Hey Maplers!
We have an interesting contest that everyone should be able to participate in! In this contest, you'll have to become One With The Map. Should be easy, right?

(Note: Contest is being held on Official MapleStory Discord and Official MapleStory Forums)

How To apply
1. Enter in ⁠one-with-the-map channel on Discord
2. Include the following with your entry
- Your In-game name
- World Name
- Your screenshot

Tips & Criteria
- The goal is to blend in with the map.
- Do not hide your character completely behind objects. You should be able to be found if we look hard enough!
- Your character must be somewhat visible, but does not need to be completely visible.
- You may use any cosmetic item at your disposal.
- You can use any map that is still accessible.
- Only one submission is allowed per account.

MapleStory Community team will vote and determine up to 5 winners from Community submissions and 10 honorary mentions.

5 Grand Prize Winners
- Secret Damage Skin
- 2x EXP Coupon(15 min) x5
- 2x Drop Coupon(15 min) x5

10 Honorary Mentions
- 2x EXP Coupon(15 min) x5
- 2x Drop Coupon(15 min) x5

Submissions will close on June 5th at 11:00 AM PST!


  • smashtonsmashton
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    - IGN: smaashhton
    - World: NA Reboot
    - Screenshot Submission (Map - My Home):

    Link: Bonus hint and showing off my character :)
  • VeeraahVeeraah
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    edited June 2023

    So many entries but only so many winners. It is time to announce which Maplers will be receiving the Grand Prize and Honorary Mention Prize. Thanks to everyone who participated and without further ado,

    Grand Prize Winners

    Honorary Mention Winners

    Thanks again to everyone for making this contest so much fun! We will be sending out the above rewards shortly!