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So, about the rankings.

The Blue CorsairThe Blue Corsair
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The MapleStory rankings and character images have been broken for almost a quarter of a year now, as well as many other issues experienced on the rankings itself. I want to see some attention brought to it, especially when so many other sites like BasilMarket (used to) depend on the avatars functioning, but now have to resort to players uploading images manually (which you also can't do through the official site, and have to create it via MapleSimulator).

There are countless bug reports and dozens of mentions of it.


And it's been reported directly to Nexon by @Invulgo and many other Volunteers.



  • StayGoldStayGold
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    They're neglecting it atm, and they will get to it when they can (which probably means another 3-4 months).
  • PetalmagicPetalmagic
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    @Inumedia how didya get that Avatar o-o
  • AKradianAKradian
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    : @Inumedia how didya get that Avatar o-o

    Apparently all the holes in Vanilla have yet to be blocked.