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No description for Gollux Queue Buff

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edited January 2017 in Bug Reporting
A Nexon representative responded to this report on July 3rd, 2016 on the old forums but this has yet to be fixed as of today.


Bug type: Text

Brief bug summary: There is no description for the Gollux Queue Buff

Steps to reproduce:
1. Open "Maple User List".
2. Click "Boss" Tab.
3. There should be a slider tab with an arrow pointing on the top right. Click until you see Gollux.
4. Click on Gollux picture then press the big "GO" button on the bottom right.
5. Wait for the Queue and successfully transport. Requires 2 players queuing to move.
6. Hover over the Gollux Buff receive from the Queue. You should notice that a description is lacking.

Character name: Its2Sharp4U
Character level: 215
Character job: Blade Master
World name: Scania
Date and time of the incident: Saturday, July 2nd, 2016 @ 10:34 PM EST


Here is a screenshot of the bug being reported: