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Please bring back the potions in New Leaf City

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Potions such as Ginger Ale, and the other potions that recover your HP and MP by percentage are essential for a lot of players. Removing them was a big mistake especially for players in reboot. You have monsters that do about 2-6k damage to your character, and the best current potion you can buy in the merchant shop is reindeer milk, which only heals 5000HP. So for classes that have a low survivability, it is you can't even recover as mobs do more damage than you can heal. I'm also aware that you can get elixirs dropped by bosses, but you can only get about 15 in each boss. For players who are new whom cannot kill all the bosses yet, they can't even get progress through the game (especially lv 180), as mobs do too many damage. I'm currently using reindeer milk, and i end up in taking about 500 reindeer milks in about 30 minutes, which is quite ridiculous, and a waste of money. I'm also kaiser, who has about 33000 health. Using one reindeer milk heals about 15 percent of my health bar. I'm more focused on healing than actually attacking and killing mobs. Please reconsider bring back these potions, or buff up the survivability rates of certain characters such as ilium, and other squishy classes.


  • NeospectorNeospector
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    Ginger Ales are still available in other shops, such as NPC Ashirazu in Ninja Castle.
  • MarkswomanSpinMarkswomanSpin
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    Potions such as Ginger Ale, and the other potions that recover your HP and MP by percentage are essential for a lot of players. Please reconsider bring back these potions,......

    If you are looking for Ginger Ales, as Neospector said, they can be purchased from the NPC merchant "Ashirazu". He is located in Ninja Castle on the map "Zipangu Castle Corridor".

    One way to get to Ninja Castle is to use the pelican taxi "Perry Warp Helper" located above the Six Path Crossway map. (go up the rope in the middle)

    When you get Ninja Castle, go thru the portal to the "Inside the Castle Gate" map, then go up and thru the hole in the wall at the top of the map. From there walk right >>> then press up while standing under the picture of the purple frog and you will be on the map "Zipangu Castle Corridor".
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    What about the honster potions?