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How can I raise funds?

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I have 4 characters ranging form level 204 to 224. I cover all Ardentmill professions as level 10. I don't mind buying cash shop items to sell in the auction house.

What's the quickest way for me to raise funds? I have been doing ok, but not spectacular, making & selling Timeless Earrings.

Is there anything quicker? Maybe farming Steelys, or some other weapon? Gollux stuff (but it seems to take so long)?

Sweetwater? CRA? Cash shop items in the auction house (which)? Is it worth doing Master Craftsman?

My main problem seems to be that I can easily get or create items for lower level characters, but they don't seem to have enough meos to meet my needs.

If it makes any difference, I only every solo & never do party quests. Also, I don't really boos, apart from Gollux


  • Penguinz0Penguinz0
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    Be meister in all profession. Make craftman cubes and get things like gollux or sw tat/mono to unique and sell. Make p or e flames and sell them on AH. Make boss killer, exp, drop rate potion and sell them on AH. Turn cra pieces to whatever gear that is being sold for highest and sell them on AH. Pretend to be a girl and dig some gold out of some lonely fools