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ru still buying with the 2000% mesos increase

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edited July 2020 in General Chat
I'm super curious. The rate has seen such a crazy increase, are you regular players still star forcing stuff? or still doing anything requiring mesos?

I made the decision to liquidate ALL my stuff 2 months ago while the rate was up... and without saying anything explicitly, 'cashing out' of this game at this time was literally one of the best financial moves I've made outside of my job.

But i'm curious about the people who decided to invest even more in the game at this specific time, as the mesos rate is literally 1 billion for 20k maple points in the fm, which is consistent with the black market, compared to 1 bil for 1k nx last year this time.

2000% increase. investing in mesos last year would've literally been one of the best investments you could have made. This game is crazy.

are people dropping like flies? Are people turning to FTP (doubt it)? Or are you guys simply dropping more of your money into the game?


  • Penguinz0Penguinz0
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    Nah, I'm in non-reboot and the increase in meso value is simply music to my ears. I have 5 characters that I can do weekly bosses on and that alone gets me around ~600 mill. Put other contents that were worthless to do when meso rate was garbage, such as NRA rotation in 10-15 characters, mapletour, ursus and etc, it brings the weekly earning around 2 bill. When meso rate was garbage like $1/bill, I would never do these contents since they were worthless to do so. Now that it's actually worth ~$20/bill, these contents are actually worth doing it since I can convert it to MP and use it to buy cubes and stuff. If the meso rate keeps going up like this, it's only better for the game (obviously nexon will have to adjust $hit like Starforce cost) and the player base, as it actually makes f2p possible
  • ArlongArlong
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    yes this is a great thing. It isnt so much that people just suddenly decided to turn ftp, if anything that would have made nx worth even more. No, nexon just finally did something about all those chinese meso botters so this is the game going to how it should look like.
  • Kyotheman69Kyotheman69
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    I'm just glad a lot of content is worth farming now, before the meso pay out didn't make it worth it, what i like about non reboot i can trade items, i make great meso just selling gear drops and lucking out with potentials.
  • JoshingJoshing
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    theres plenty of oil money kids and others with 100k+ weekly allowances that throw 10s of thousands of dollars at this game per month. these people are keeping the rate high
    us plebs are irrelevant