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We should make high level PQ's a thing

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Hello! As the title suggests, we should make high level party quests a thing.

Maplestory is great, and there are no other games like it. For alot of people, the best of times were back in the day doing party quests. Namely: LPQ, KPQ, CWKPQ, and Carnival PQ.

Maplestory should add end game PQ's for content for players between levels 220-275 with the final PQ becoming available at 250. Think about how much fun it would be to do PQ's daily/ weekly (this time with team speak).

Some possible rewards would be:
- Chaos Circulators
-Magic scrolls

Some alternative rewards suggested on my original thread (Reddit) were cosmetic items as well as nostalgic, otherwise unobtainable, old gear (I.E. rice cake hate etc.) Another user suggested consumable items like Onyx Apples or special condition health potions ( heal you X value over 5 mins)

There were lots of great suggestions on the forums, but everyone agreed on one thing: Bringing back high level party quests as end game content for players 220+ would be amazing. Another used suggested a revamped carnival party quest for players 250+

Please let us know what you think, as a lot of us would be very happy to see a party quest revamp for end game content!


  • AshedChainsAshedChains
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    Rewards should be consumables. So stackable damage buffs, iframe potions, special heal potion(by-passes healing restrictions), Heal-over-Time potions, another kind of soul summon, etc. Just thinks that have temporary affects. They could also add new systems like a new gear upgrade mechanic or condition effect scrolls/useables (i.e. reduce damage by 5% to change hero's will/erda's will Cooldown to 30 second). Another reward could be receiving an item that gives quests similar to the genesis quests. On completion you can get a some temperately perk.

    I mention the rewards first because pq's need people, and people wont do the pq if the rewards suck. This is also the reason why all the effects from the rewards should be temperary. So that players continue to do them. Assuming there are multiple PQs, one should be handled similarly to Ursus in that some explanation is needed but one you know, it doesn't require more communication. Another one could have more coordination like old orbis PQ.

    I disagree that it should be for players 220+. The level gating shouldn't be that high. 200 should be the highest starting limit. We need people after all. The rewards can come at different tiers or you can have a bonus stage that is dependent on your level.

    For entry limits I'd prefer unlimited but nothing less than 10.
  • darikdarik
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    there are alrdy pqs like that, amoria pq is the best example, it gives apples, esential for bossing. Also gpq is a thing too.
  • BeefBeef
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    PQ have to give relevant rewards to be worth, APQ giving apple is huge, CWKPQ that got removed have anvil, gelt choco and cheeses