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Momiji, Hieizan Temple quest line rewards

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Hello after completing the quest line for Hieizan Temple, I did not get the rewards. Like the shoulder, ring and belt. I really wanted it for my reboot character Zenrody a lvl 181 Adele on the EU server, since its all good items. Also the only playable character is Ayame for me.

Met someone in the entrance that is experiencing the same issue too, Minakh a lvl 201 Thunder Breaker.


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    We had a Zipangu Revamp on March 10th, 2021 where players no longer had to complete Hayato and Kanna roleplay prequests for Hieizan Temple.
    You can now obtain the treasures (shoulder, right, and belt) from defeating Princess No.

    Please check out our v221 Spring Blossoms Patch Notes for more information: