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lunching the game is bugged

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edited March 2021 in Tech Support
hi can someone help my game just wont open
i logged in in the morning of 28/3 and it worked then later after i came back i tried to start back the game and it said games running but it didn't opened it i restarted my pc but it didn't worked i tried to reinstall but no results can someone help me?
p.s it does not show any text or error


  • PulledFingerPulledFinger
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    If you are trying to start the game via the Nexon launcher you can attempt the following to fix your issue,

    1. Open the launcher and proceed to the Maplestory tab,
    2. Click the small gear wheel located between [Discord] and [Game Summary].
    3. In this new window, click [Game Configure] on the left hand side, then click on the [Open game location] button near the bottom.
    4. In this new window, locate the file simply named [MapleStory], right click and select the [Properties] option.
    5. Select the [Compatibility] tab at the top, then look for the section labeled [Compatibility mode]
    6. Check the box next to 'Run this program in compatibility mode for' and select Windows 7 from the list available.
    7. Select [Apply] at the bottom and then [OK]
    8. Restart your computer and the game should run normally.

    I had a similar issue 2 days ago and this solution solved it for me, hopefully works for you as well.
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    omg thank you very much it worked