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Not able to Tera burn

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in Bug Reporting

I play in Reboot and I am not able to tera burn any characters I create. I tried to tera burn a phantom and when it didn't give me the option I tried to burn an illium to see if it was a class specific problem, but that did not work either. I checked to see if I have any other tera burned characters in any other servers but I do not. I submitted a ticket, but just wanted to see if anyone else has had this problem and has a quick workaround!



  • GhibleeGhiblee
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    Please double-check if you already have a Tera Burning character or one waiting for deletion on your account (not region) from Tera Burning Plus Part 2. Tera Burning Plus Part 2 started July 21 (after maintenance).

    If not, you should be given an option during character creation so it may be an account-specific issue. Glad you've submitted a ticket already! :)