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V Share Reward "registration"?

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edited November 2016 in General Chat
Hey guys,

i've been doing the web sharing event and i wonder what the following means:

Official Rules: Limit 1 gift package per event-registered account. Only available to accounts in good standing that have a Level 31 character or higher as of November 15, 2016. Only accounts with valid, working email addresses are eligible and gift packages will be sent to the email account used to register for the participant's nexon.net account. Gift package must be claimed by a character Level 31 or higher. Registrations must be confirmed prior to midnight on November 27th to be eligible. Gift package will be distributed to all confirmed registrants approximately 3 days after end of log-in period. Nexon America's computers will be the official time-keeping devices. All times in Pacific Standard Time.

Do we need to register to have the gifts sent to us? You know there were events where you had to register to receive gifts. I'm a bit confused...



  • AKradianAKradian
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    edited November 2016
    I assume that for this event, the "registration" is the collecting of points.

    (Not to be confused with the registration for the "5th job power pack", on the web page unlocked today)
  • AkihikoT_AkihikoT_
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    For the V-points the registration is of your nexon account I think, for the 5th job power pack the registration is clicking register.