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When our biggest complaint is green text spam...

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... we have reached good days.

I am very impressed with yesterday's patch.
The maintenance ended a bit early, and there were no gamebreaking issues discovered afterwards, necessitating an additional emergency maintenance.
This is a vast improvement on Nexon's previous track record and I want to say: Well done!

Not that everything is perfect, of course. Many bugs from before are still not fixed, there are some new issues too, and there might be more issues discovered as people start getting their 5th job skills now, nearly 24 hours after game-up. The lag is also not entirely gone, and we'll see what the weekend 2x does in that regard.
But still, as I said before, this is much better than expected, and I commend all involved. I hope Nexon can keep it up and keep improving.
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  • YonaxYonax
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    As topic title suggest, please make the items people obtained not green anymore. Alliance chat is probably for most the most used chat and it's at times untradeable with the spam of items comming out.

    P.s. servers need massive upgrade, there is a lot of lag still. One of the main reasons for lag is quests with kill count or one of the 5th job prequests where you have to get 500m exp.
  • The Blue CorsairThe Blue Corsair
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    I'd also agree with the box/gachapon/item text being changed to a color besides green.

    And +1 @Akradian.
  • DaxterbeerDaxterbeer
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    don't use RED

    it will look like a hurricane warning

    I did the biggest laugh from tricking my alliance into thinking I got a Frenzy Totem from the Gachapon.