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Bitty Popoh's Ribbon

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edited December 2017 in Bug Reporting
Bug type: Item expiration.

Brief bug summary: Bitty Popoh's Ribbon has a expiration date on it? In Korean maplestory its a Permanent item. Please fix this.

Character name: LoveLovely

Character level: 145

Character job: Cadena

World name: Scania

Date and time of the incident: N/A

Timezone: N/A


  • DabbinStarDabbinStar
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    edited January 2018

    If you read the event list all the way down at bottom it states duration time for xp, premium pet food, and more. However it does not show a duration for the Popoh ribbon

    2x Drop Coupon (3) (x2): (Untradeable. 7-day duration.) Double-click this coupon to receive a 2x drop buff for 1 hour. Coupon is consumed upon use.
    Character Slot Expansion Coupon: (Untradeable. 7-day duration.) Double-click this coupon to receive one additional character slot in the given world. Your account may hold a maximum of 42 character slots per server world. Coupon is consumed upon use.
    Bitty Popoh Pet: (Untradeable. 90-day duration.) A little pet to join you on your adventures. Comes with the Meso Magnet and Item Pouch skills.
    Bitty Popoh’s Ribbon: (Untradeable.) An equip for your Bitty Popoh pet to wear.
    Pet Naming Coupon: (Untradeable. 7-day duration.) Double-click this coupon to receive a Pet Name Tag you can use to name your Bitty Popoh pet. Coupon is consumed upon use.
    Premium Pet Food (x6): (Untradeable. 90-day duration.) Use this on a pet to restore its Fullness and increase its Closeness by 100. It is consumed upon use.