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  • General note on Contests

    Hey all,

    Winners will be announced on Tuesday. We're still confirming some of the preliminary winners, and apologize for the delay.
  • Forum Features Adjustment

    I wanted to provide an update.

    We currently have an alternative solution to bring back much of the forum functionality that is in testing currently, and hope to roll out these adjustments within a few days. Some previous formatting will continue to work, and others may need some minor adjustments, but once we have the system ready, we'll relay the changes to all.

    Thanks again for your patience as we know reading the current forums, especially with the quote function not working, can make it quite difficult.
  • Players unable to log in on specific characters

    Hi all,

    We would like to apologize that some of you have been unable to access your characters, as observed across our forums and Customer Service portal. We posted an update last week that we have been investigating the issue, and today we’d like to let you know that this should be fixed during our next scheduled maintenance on January 12th. We thank you for your ongoing patience while we looked into this issue.

    We know it’s frustrating that some of you have been unable to log in for a few weeks; as a result we would like to offer the following compensation for those affected:

    - Six 1-hour 2x EXP Coupons
    - Six 1-hour 2x Drop Coupons
    - Two Red Cubes
    - One 7-day Hired Merchant
    - 3 Black Cubes
    - 100 V Coins

    If there are any changes to this plan we will let you know.


    The MapleStory Team
  • General note on Contests

    Hey all,

    I'll be going through all of the contests in this section that ended last week over the next 48 hours and choosing our random winners. Should have them all ready to go by end of day Friday, but I'll update if we're running into a snag.

    Thanks again to all that entered and for being patient while we finalize these contests. :)
  • No response from Nexon, do you care about us?

    We're aware that the event ran at a time other than what was initially advertised. We hope to have a specific answer for all of you soon regarding the New Year's Shop.