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  • Lower attack speed cap to the same as KMS has

    So far all what's i'm seeing from this thread is; i main a wild hunter and people say my class is weak, so i want every other class to get weaker so that my EGO will boost itself to 12.

    Personally i main a phantom, and it's not just that i don't mind the 0 Attack speed But i fkn love it, cause it makes casting: carte rose finale, penombre, rapier wit, and other 4th job stollen skills much faster.

    ALSO FYI: all MapleStory versions have up to 0 attack speed, it's just that it's easier to hit that in both; GMS and TMS, kms can hit that, but it's just harder to reach there.

    i didn't even want to respond to this thread, but your'e acting like an entitled prick, and it's annoying to see such a behaviour.

    i'm not gonna lie, i also was like you (at least i thought i wanted to not have attack speed: 0) but then i looked at what it gives to other people and what it gives to me, attack speed: 0 literally benefits EVERYONE.

    Pro-Tip: Don't take DPM/DPS charts as the b-all end-all, they are just for showcasing the class and bragging rights, AKA; they are not a real representation of the class abilities or gameplay.
  • About 25* release

    Do you want MapleSEA rates for star force ?!


    With a 20 Star cap the most people would get is 17~18
    (5% success from 19 to 20 stars) and higher boom rates with lower success chance

    20 Stars = gimping us, and in a few updates when they release new things, or revamp current content/items, we could be at the situation of 15 stars again (as in new sets that aren't worth, like absolab and arcane prior to 25 stars)

    Just shutup and say thank you, 25 Stars is a blessing to everyone, and contrary to WHAT EVERYONE believes, even if Transposed sweetwater stays capped at 15 Stars, it's still only a *bit* worse then 22 Starred arcane set, stop whining.

    So transposed sweetwater is going from from #1 BiS to #2 BiS (oh no...)
    people who choose to transpose knew the consequences (no one forced you to transpose, as no one is forcing you to get arcane, and no one is even getting weaker, transposed sweetwater won't loose stats, but it just won't gain any)
  • So many problems, no fixes what-so-ever !

    I'm tired and sick of nexon not fixing bonus stats and flames on non-kms equips, i'm tired of nexon not fixing the server lag on bera, not removing the botters and hackers, making nodestones dropped from mobs transferable through account and not fully tradeable, i'm tired that we can't freely trade nx items in the auction house like KMS can, i'm tired of having to spend either a TON of meso , or real world currency for ultra end-game items, i'm tired that Nexon america stopped loving this dear and beautiful game.

    LOOK at nexon korea, they also had a massive population due to tera burning (while gms has an influx of more botters/dupers/hackers you name it.....) so the servers started lagging or more like being unstable, so what did they do ?

    A. abandon ship
    B. nothing
    C. make a new server and restrict character creation to alleviate the lag (on the big 3 servers) and giving excellent compensation while they're at it and caring for the players and state of the game

    the correct answer is : .... C !

    Personally i'm tired of nexon america, they might try to do one thing (but fail at another 70 at the same time) they can't even fix bugs that have persisted for over 3 Years! (Cough Carte rose finale has been bugged on phantoms for more the 3 years now Cough,) why do we have to wait for nexon to fix the server lag only for it to come back a few months later, or for bug fixes (that should be fixed wayyyyy earlier)

    personally i'm gonna be taking a break and possibly looking for another maplestory service, cause in a simple word; i'm tired of nexon america's bullshit

    PS. as this is the "Rants and Raves section' there you go i raved and ranted, so don't go telling me you can't say X thing or X that this is what this section is meant for.

    PPS. iv'e seen spadow mention on twitter that "The global MapleStory developer team was increased and now contains 70 people"
    i guess that was only for PR. (because i started to get my hopes up, a truly grave mistake)
  • Pls fix or stop with the goddam nexon launcher

    If it makes you feel better the only other service that uses the nexon launcher is MapleStory Thailand (THMS) so wer'e not suffering alone :')
  • We all want a merge

    Catooolooo wrote: »
    Catooolooo wrote: »

    while that's true, it's pretty much non-existant in KMS because of the ability to trade/ sell CS items (cubes, clothes..etc) on top of the meso market, making it a pretty moot point to try to illicitly sell NX when you can already do it legally in game.

    even in other servers like Msea, they can trade some CS items via ASOK like EMS did pre-merge.

    In all the other regions besides gms players can freely trade cubes, psoks, pets, water of lifes, etc cash items with other players and in the Auction House ( Asok is to make perm clothing that was worn and made untradeable, become tradeable again once ) so far from what iv'e seen so far only MSEA and EMS pre-merge had/has an Asok.

    Iv'e been saying for the longest of time now that IF GMS got the ability to freely trade cubes, pets, and pretty much everything from the cash shop for mesos, then no one would play reboot, and the economy would get Much Better like x50 Better that what it currently is, but a lot of people keep saying that it can't happen cause of botters/meso-sellers, y'know the usual stuff, Sigh.....

    also people keep telling me that GMS can't trade other cash equips besides clothing, because we have both NX credit and Prepaid, and there are a lot of people who abuse NX credit, ie: charge a certain amount of NX and then chrageback, so i had a suggestion for nexon to remove the option to use NX credit, or just make items purchased with NX credit untradeable ?

    even though technically this belongs in another thread; GMS Desperately Needs to be able to trade All Cash Equipment to other player ( through trading and Auction House for Mesos ), i think it's extremely unfair that GMS is the Only Service out of all the other regions and i mean all of the other regions sea,tms,thms etc... that can't trade any cash equipment other then Cash Clothing AKA Perm NX.

    PS. in order to to trade cash items you bought, with other players or sell it on the auction house, the item First must be bought with NX
    items bought with Maple Points or Reward Points cannot be traded.

    eh, the NX credit argument is moot cause all other services allow you to charge via credit or via pre-paid card for just NX/ Cash with no seperation of the 2, and on top of that if you become a Golden snail in GMS you can charge credit and it's counted as pre-paid in all NXa games that have a separation, so it's not even a reason that would make sense. to top it off they billing ban your account if you ever do a charge back so any profit you tried to get in game would instantly be worthless

    Yeah, but iv'e been told that botters, or meso-sellers, could just grab something with NX Credit -> Charge Back -> then sell for profit -> get banned -> but not care cause they got something like 10K+ Accounts ( and that's an understatement )

    I really want GMS to have Fully tradeable Cash Equips ( cubes pets, everything, not just perm nx clothing ) that's why KMS regular servers are way more popluar there then in reboot, +having a stable economy only help in that factor, ( yes kishin might also be a factor but not as big as having fully tradeable cash items )

    Point is; we need to be able to trade all cash items in the auction house and to other players for Mesos, i had a thread about it and reward points ( making them like KMS mileage ) but most people seem to not care about that, which is truly strange, don't you want to be able to buy a cube or a pet with Pure Mesos from the auction house rather then spend NX, or buy maple points through the meso market with our over-inflated economy.