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  • GMS-Raising Star Cap, Rebirth Flames & Neb Revamp?

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    Catooolooo wrote: »
    I like Flames but just because there is no P2W implementation as of yet, doesn't mean one can't be made. Look at CMS and TMS's implementation of damage cap "removal" or their implementation of Sweet Water gears to see what I'm talking about.

    There are already CS black flames in CMS (they're like black cubes, of course, but for additional options).

    my point exactly (i forgot CMS had those)

    the flames system can be implemented in P2W ways, yet people have faith in it, but people act like the Neb system is completely doomed/ irredeemable because of how it's currently implemented in GMS when it could definitely become non-P2W with some minor tweaks. They don't have to replace eachother either, because that was never even officially the reason (until someone official on the team says so and updates/ amends the last official statement as to why they were not added) so that argument is irrelevant.

    I'm all for having more options in terms of equipment upgrades, As long as they are not P2W if there is a P2W and a F2P version then that's fine ( but they should be equal, so people who choose to P2W won't get +100 times better or stronger , so let's call it [Pay For Convenience].

    as long as the P2W and F2P options are the same then i'm fine with nexon wanting to make extra $, but not at the expense of the F2P players.

    Also if they want to improve nebulites , then they need to make it more accessible to F2P , remove the need for a diffuser , remove the junk D Ranks ( remove d rank nebulites ) , inculde them in events / Events Shop ( talking about Random B / A / S Rank Nebulites ) , revamp the fusion system ( make them more comparable to : Eternal Rebirth Flames ) , and not just release a higher rank nebulite.
    make them a truly great and F2P ( with P2W options ) system, that is both fair and rewarding to use , and that gives nice amount of stats / boss / etc boosts.

    and not remove them in exchange for flames , but also introduce Rebirth Flames , Make so that both of those systems would compliment each other.
    ( Preferably Keeping Rebirth Flames , just like from KMS ( Minus the scissors count , ie : not nerfing them like MSEA did.) and making them available from crafting, and events / event shops )

    the nebulite system does needs a total overhaul though.

  • GMS-Raising Star Cap, Rebirth Flames & Neb Revamp?

    Arwoo wrote: »

    What does that mean ?


    Also to : @ManiOh

    Rebirth Flames, are not just free damage but they also serve a market purpose.

    here's a a quote that i like, and explains flames / bonus stats in a nutshell :

    "We will more than likely not get the additional options system. Nexon doesn't like giving out free damage through in game means, and despite these creating a new market that's profitable and usable by everybody, the players are convinced that these are bad "power creep" and make things more "complicated" despite it being about as simple a system as scrolling or cubing."

    *Well you can change "The Players" to : Some of the players, because by now, i'm pretty sure most of the global maplestory community knows and wants Rebirth Flames / Bonus Stats.

    PS. i hope that everyone understands that Rebirth Flames / Bonus Stats are Completely F2P there is No NX involved , None , 0!
    Unlike Nebulites that are Competely P2W / NX is definitely involved ( NX for a neb diffuser / fusion ticket )
  • GMS-Raising Star Cap, Rebirth Flames & Neb Revamp?

    A lot of people had misconceptions about the Additional Options / Bonus Stats System , AKA : Rebirth Flames , so here i want to clear those misconceptions.

    Additional Options is the name of the system in KMS , because they use Options instead of Stats ( for naming of course , options and stats are essentially the same thing in KMS and GMS ) , AO , is basically Bonus Stats to equipment , Rebirth Flames are the item ( a scroll if you will ) that is used to either grant / or reroll the bonus stats of equipment , you can reroll the stats without the use of : NX / Cash / US Dollars , and you may reroll as many times as your heart desires as long as you have rebirth flames , the higher the level of the equipment that a flame is used on , the better bonus stats it can have , ie; a level 160 equip could have +80 flat stat, while a level 200 equip could have +180 flat stat , it could also have multiple bonus stats lines, like +180 flat main stat, +180 secondary flat stat , and 7% All Stats. ( The level of the equip determines the quality of bonus stats that the equip could get , the higher the better )

    also equips can't have the 2 of the same line of bonus stats , ie; an equip can't have : +180 luk and another +180 luk , but it can have : +180 luk , +180 dex , and 7% All Stats.

    As you can see this system is already way more powerful then even S-Grade Nebulites ( that are not released but only in the data of the game ) the only minor drawback to Bonus Stats / Rebirth Flames , is the fact that after using a flame on an item , the item will get a 10 Scissors Count Limit ( it means after using the : Platinum Scissors of Karma on the item 10 times it would be permanently untradable , but there is a way to reset the scissors count.

    Did you ever wonder why there were "Perfect" Innocence scrolls in GMS ?, and why it had the same effect on items as a "Regular" Innocence Scroll ? , yeah the "perfect" part is not just different naming , it means that if you were to use a "perfect" innocence scroll on a item with bonus stats , the "bonus stats" and "scissors count" will be reset , that's right you will make the item tradable again , and have the scissors count removed , ( Note : that pure clean slate scrolls do not remove scissors count or bonus stats , they are just called pure for naming sakes , unlike "perfect" innocence scrolls ) but the Rebirth Flame / Bonus Stats would also be removed , you can however use another flame on the item if you desire so , ( of course if we were to get the EMS version of Rebirth Flames / Bonus Stats , we would not even have to worry about scissors counts , because EMS did not have a Scissors Count added to items that were flamed / had bonus stats applied to them to begin with.

    Now you may ask what benefit will we get once Rebirth Flames / Bonus Stats were to be implemented in GMS ? ( They are already in our data just like S-Grade Nebulites , so nexon just needs to flip a switch and were done )

    1. We would get free damage through in game means , as every equip that would drop from a mob / boss , or that can be bought from a store / crafted / be made from a badge like Empress Cygnus / Chaos Root Abyss ( yes even : Tyrant , AbsoLab , Sweetwater , and Arcane Umbra Gear ) would have Random bonus stats upon receiving / picking up / buying / etc / them.

    This would Tremendously help Beginners / F2P / New players to the game / and would pretty much be a great addition to the game for everyone , Beginners - End game lucid runners.

    2. A new market would be created by bonus stats , equipment such as the level 120 necromancer set that is dropped by hilla , could be sold in the auction house for either a profit / gearing up mules / or as great gear for beginners | new players , because as you know after flames were to be implemented in gms , no equip would be the same , all the equipment would truly be "Unique / One-of-a-kind" and thus create a market for everyone : essentially all the equipment in GMS would have value ( which currently has no value because the lack of bonus stats or a higher star force count ( but we will talk about star force later ) ( look at the equipment market in ThaiMS / KMS , players there buy low level gear because it could have great bonus stats and help with leveling and also help with damage ( as it's really important in the higher levels ) Everyone benefits from rebirth flames / bonus stats.

    Now for those of you who think that Flames would create a new "Power Creep" , you may relax because it won't , on the contrary it would shorten the "Power Creep" or "Power Gap" , by giving essentially free damage to all players and a lot more people would be able to tackle higher level content easier then we currently are able to , without spending tremendous amounts of NX on gearing up / etc, it would especially help lower level players / new players to grind and get through the game more smoothly and easier , and overall create a better game environment and a healthier market.

    Now for the actual system and how to use it :
    Oh, and flames are a Use item and considered a scroll so they can be put in a scroll bag. there are a total of : 8 Rebirth Flames in game including powerful / eternal.

    Basically it's just like a scroll , you double click on a rebirth flame and drop it on the equipment , then if you are not satisfied with the bonus stat that you got from it , to reroll : simply , again : double click on a rebirth flame -> drop it on the equipment -> rinse and repeat until you are satisfied , that's right you don't need any NX / Cash item to reroll the bonus stats of an equipment , it's truly a F2P System made by KMS , and has proven to be very effective.

    as for the actual flames you may obtain them as follows : Level 100 - 150 ( Dropped by bosses in all difficulties ) Flames go by every 10 levels ie; Level 100 - 110 / etc. the flames that you would want to focus on are the : Powerful rebirth flames and Eternal rebirth flames , the lower level flames are used to grant bonus stats to equips without any bonus stats and to reroll the bonus stats.

    The flames dropped by bosses , levels : 100 - 150 , can be used on any equipment that can gain bonus stats ( ie ; you can't flame a ring or a shoulder etc ) that has a grey dot and is up to the corresponding flame level , ie ; you may use a level 150 rebirth flame on items with a grey dot from level 0 - 150 and may re-roll with that flame as many times as you would like, how ever if the item is level 160+ and has a grey dot , only powerful / eternal flames may be used.

    the powerful / eternal flames may be used on all items by all levels from : 0 - 250 with a white dot.

    Powerful / Eternal Rebirth Flames cannot be used on items with a grey dot.

    White Dot : y74c2UA.png Pb2Rfiu.png

    Grey Dot : 1vIYpw4.png EUScA5T.png

    Grey dot = only Rebirth Flames ( Levels 0 - 150 ) can be used. ( Can be used on equipment up to level 150 )
    ( level flames are dropped by bosses )

    White dot = only Powerful / Eternal Rebirth Flames can be used. ( Can be used on equipment up to level 250 )
    You may get them from event / crafting / etc.

    Example : You may only use :A Powerful / Eternal rebirth flames on a Level 160 equip with a white dot.
    You may only use : A Level 150 Rebirth Flame dropped by bosses on a Level 150 equip with a grey dot.
    ( You may use a level 150 Flame on a level 80 item with a grey dot , but you can't use a level 120 flame on a level 140 equip with a grey dot )

    ie ; Level 150 flames means : Up to level 150 equips with a grey dot and so on.
    Powerful / eternal flames means : up to level 250 ( or more if we ever get a level cap increase ) with a white dot.

    Powerful / Eternal has no level restrictions , while level 100 - 150 flames do.

    you may also extract the lower level flames by using a scroll extractor (similar to an equip extractor that you gain item crystals from ) , as for the materials for the flames they are like : Master Craftsman's / Meister Cubes , you may obtain them from Mysterious / Legendary Herbs , mobs , sudden missions , hopefully commerci voyages , etc.

    you can obtain powerful / eternal flames by either : crafting , events and event shops , monster collection , purchasing from other players ( if the flames we would get would be freely tradable like in kms ) , sudden mission , legion , dojo , ursus , etc.

    PS. You craft rebirth flames by being a : Master Craftsman's / Meister Accessory Crafter. ( for Powerful / Eternal , respectively )

    Now for 25 Star Force Enhancements : past the 15th star the equip will gain more stats and attack / magic attack ( even if it's an armor or accessory , all equips past 15th stars get att/m.att bonuses and more stats per star )
    so you can understand why AbsoLab / Arcane Umbra is better then tyrants in KMS , because it has a set effect and it has equal if not better stats to tyrants at 16th+ stars and the addition of bonus stats from flames also plays a big role.

    on top of that : 25 Star Force is a great Meso-Sink , because you can only safeguard from 12th -> 17th Stars , from 17 -> 22 there's no safeguarding , and the boom % plus the fail chance makes it hard to enhance , not impossible but your more likely then not to boom from 20 -> 21 or even from 17 -> 18 ( it all depends on luck , because it's rng | Random Number Generator )

    so you can tell that a lot of equips would boom , and players would need to replace them to try and star force again , and slowly we would have less mesos circulating in our economy , thus stabilizing it a bit more then it currently is , and because of a higher star force cap plus rebirth flames , we would have far more options in terms of gearing and not having being stuck into using tyrants + cra (Cra top and bottom would always be the BiS | Best In Slot , until a higher level top and bottom combo would be released by kms )

    My point is that by having GMS release / implement : Rebirth Flames and 25 Star Force Enhancements , not 20 because 20+ Stars AbsoLab / Sweetwater / Arcane Umbra would replace tyrants , all the players would have more options in terms of gearing , meister accessory crafting will become useful , the market would be healthier , we would have a great meso-sink and overall the game would be way less P2W then it currently is.

    this benefits both non-reboot and reboot servers.

    This are the Rebirth Flames that are currently in the GMS Database : ( i found this in Pet loot Ignore )
    bprR4So.png 6ZqGfBl.png

    We even got all of the materials that are needed to craft the rebirth flames in the GMS database ( also from pet loot ignore )
    ( Used to make Powerful Rebirth Flames )

    ( Used to make Eternal Rebirth Flames )


    ( I don't know what the Rebirth Crystal is used for , it comes by extracting lower level flames , but it's not needed to craft either : Powerful / Eternal Rebrith Flames.

    And here are also the materials required to make rebirth flames, you may know them, because they are Obtainable in-game, but are currently utterly useless




    And here is a picture of it in Accessory crafting ( from the time it was accidentally released , pics are from reddit )



    Please NEXON , Implement / Bring Over : Rebirth Flames / Bonus Stats and 25 Star Force Enhancements to make the lifes of every mapler easier and more enjoyable.
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