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  • [Contest] Maple Fashion: Design Story

    I wanted to make an outfit with a cool/edgy and cute look. Something casual looking but with a twist. Something simple and not too overally detailed. I focused on making it so that each individual piece of clothing would look nice paired with another existing outfit hence the colour palette of black-white. Main focus was just.. Overall trying to make it so that it would work for everyone.

    So I present to you the 'Stray Cat' outfit!!! (perfect for you lonewolves soloing out there but with a heart for cute things~)
    Outfit is Unisex
    Hat: Stray Cat Hood - Cute but deadly.
    I wanted a unique hoodie that would either cover the eyes or mouth, in the end I went with covering the mouth and partially the eyes. It was designed so the 'teeth' part of the hood would cover the character's mouth.

    Overall: Stray Cat Suit - Slappy fight initiated.
    Consisting of a regular grey t-shirt with white strips on the sleeve (that honestly no one would ever see), and (oh so stylishing) white shorts topped with a silver ring necklace. A black cardigan is worn ontop with ends that round off and leaves the back hanging longer than the front. Worn without a care so the cardigan gentle falls off the shoulders. The sleeves are long(purfect for slappy fights) and resembles a cat's paw. It is closed off at the end and has a opening at the sides which allow the hands to stick out of the sleeves or hide back in.

    Shoes: Stray Cat Bandage - Who need shoes? Ow.. darn these pebbles! Guess I need bandages now...
    Initially I thought transparent shoes would work best with this outfit, but then not everyone has transparent shoes so alternative option? Half transparent shoes!

    Cape: Stray Cat Tail - See see no touch!
    Unkempt cat tail that gets mistaken for wolf tail?!?

    Weapon: Stray Cat Spirit Stick - Fight in style! Fight with mini cat!
    Initially I didn't plan for a weapon... but I figured I might as well try and add one in haha. It's a great weapon to wack at things and friends with!

    Thanks to friends for shoving me this contest to my face. I'm quite busy this month so sorry I didn't get much time to really work on it/polish it up. This is just me trying to put effort LOL (as you can see where my lazeness comes in ahaha haaa rolls away-)

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  • [Contest] Design a Discord Icon for MapleStory!

    [edit]Incase ^ isn't showing up... just take my sta.sh link : https://sta.sh/026xx2zi1rtd

    I wanted to focus on something relevant to Maplestory's upcoming content: Arcana because the monsters there are oh sooo adorable and the content itself bgm is absolutely gorgeous.
    I-I hope this is appropriate considering that the content isn't yet released on gms/ems... but it is for kms and you know spoilers etc?... may the nexon gods have mercy on my poor soul.

    IGN: Shiyumi
    World: MYBCKN
    (:D first Mybckn artist hoi)