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  • Familiar Questions!

    Depends on what you're trying to do.
    1. Big Spider Familiar is the most common for drop/meso rate. Mutant Snail is pretty common for bossing.
    2. I don't believe so. JMS is the only server that can do that.
  • What class to make for Burning Event?

    That's good to know. I'm also returning on a fresh account with only one character that is at lvl100. So yes, I will keep in mind about the Legion and Link Skill. Will have to look into it later.

    If this is the case, I would think most people would agree that you should make a Jett. It's one of the absolute worst to level, but its legion and link skill is superb.

    Edit: Anything that would help your legion/link is helpful. If not a Jett, Mercedes is also absolutely amazing, so that you can get to 210 more easily and get the 20% extra EXP Link skill. Merc's legion is okay. If you don't want to hit 210, you can wait to Mega Burn (to 150) a merc in the future. But sooner the better.
  • Permanent Fafnir weapon at lvl 200

    Hmm... That would make sense. Is it for normal server and Reboot server as well for the permanent set?

    I would imagine so, since this is not a server specific event / item. You can see the time duration once you get the 200 item chest. Before the maint, my 180 box was also timed, but when I opened it, they were indeed Perm.

    Although, the perm items don't come with any potential.. whereas the temporary ones, they come with Epic potential. Nexon pls.

    Edit: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/438090938?t=02h48m13s I actually have proof here. That the chest is timed (you can see the clock) and once I opened it, it's perm equips.
  • Suggestions for Royal Hairs/Faces & Perm NX Covers

    5 days till New Royal Hairs I believe? Still hoping Soprano makes it!
  • Will the Wondroid event ever return in the future?

    Thankfully, they are fixing the instancing stuff and hopefully the levels issue is fixed too. Here's hoping everyone can get their heart/roid they want in time.

    As some people have mentioned, this is a Perm Heart that doesn't cost any cash. I liked the fact that they made it so you had to put in effort to obtain it instead of it being really simple and easy to obtain. People complaining about how hard it is really need to understand that a game's content does not cater to any 1 player. Everyone was challenged, with sweet grand prize at the end of it, those who can complete the challenge will be rewarded. "Some of us aren't born for jump quests" - I hope you realize Maplestory used to have dreadful jump quests that EVERYONE pretty much did or had to do once in their life. Zakum Jump Quest for example. If you couldn't do it, you couldn't get the equipment you wanted, or the free scroll you wanted, or be able to fight Zakum. In the end, patience and skill were tested, those who can't complete it, too bad so sad. There were tutorials and advice everywhere on this JQ.