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  • a little late to make changes to wondroid

    AKradian wrote: »
    This is a very welcome fix, even this late in the event.
    Some people, especially low-levels in Reboot, have been unable to use Investigation Mode at all, because every run is cut short either due to the timer or due to enemy levels being way too high.
    A week of unimpeded coin farming is very welcome, and more than enough to get one's android and heart, at the very least.

    I am glad that Nexon didn't think like OP, that there's no point fixing an event 3/4 of the way in.

    youre saying exactly what Neo said. why repeat what has been said

    He gave you a more detailed explanation about the benefits that are still apparent from this fix this late in the game. No need to get stiff.

    Hopefully the levels are fixed too, otherwise people may not be able to get what they want still. Assuming there is no extension, this gives people 5-6 full attempts which is roughly 25-30 Investigation modes before it ends. Assuming you can get 100 coins per run, 1 Glimmering Heart and any Roid should be obtainable at the very least.
  • Jewel Crafting

    Still trying to wrap my head around this, an event that not only is it already RNG to get the necessary items for the SS ring. But now it's RNG to ensure you get the necessary coins to get the next part of the RNG items. Seriously? Why would you ever have other players have an affect on other players on events like this. They take forever, and do not HELP with "Forcing players to interact with one another" at all, assuming this is what they were going for. They also aren't fixing any of the bugs for the mini-games in their maintenance in 6 hours.

    Also, Draw gives you 2 coins, when lose gives you more. Good Job Nexon.
  • Update on Discount Coupon in Reboot

    Arwoo wrote: »
    Our VFMs have delivered the negative sentiment that the community expressed over this coupon event.
    We'll try out best to ensure future events don't make this same mistake.

    Translation: We will not be giving any compensations for this mistake.
  • Burning character

    Fictional wrote: »
    Oh really? :< I thought the purpose of the burning event was to help level your character. We were able to do that in the past. I thought it be nice to be able to level the ones I have. And I already spend time and quite a few money on the eyes/hairs. I have pretty much all the link skills, it just be nice to able to burn it. If not, that's cool.

    Ah, then I'm not sure. I've never been able to level an existing character with burning event (since I came back to Maplestory that is so, my bad if that was the case before.)

    Didn't think about the eyes/hairs part. That's a good point. I still think the burning event is big incentive for new characters, as you get the Frozen set as well so. Not sure, I feel like it's meant for new characters still.
  • Should I continue playing Mercedes?

    As a Mercedes main, and as someone who's played Maplestory, quitting and coming back countless times, I'd like to suggest you still go for Fun > PopularStrongClassesToGetAheadInMaple. I think all players that main Jetts, BTs, Mercedes, and Bishops can tell you that (I know a Bishop main that can Solo Lotus for pete's sake, what a guy).

    If you're not enjoying your class, there's no reason to play it. That's all there is to it in my opinion.

    I'm at 2m-2.5m range CLEAN unbuffed with more than 3m range buffed (without 5th job or stacks) and I can hardly solo bosses compared to what the upper DPM classes can do at the same range. But the challenge and the class itself is what is extremely fun for me and what's kept me staying with Maple.

    In the end, play Maplestory how you see fit. I just think you'll burn out if you play a class solely for the damage/higher gains and not for the class itself.