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  • MapleStory X Re:ZERO Cash Shop Update Changes

    WildFreek wrote: »
    Wow Reboot players are salty nexon actually listened to them? To remove the medal out if reboot is single-handedly the best option. It keeps 'pay for convenience' (rebooters say pay 2 win) out of reboot. This will now be an event that's about the anime, and that's what it's supposed to be. Don't complain if nexon listens to you.

    Majority of the salty Reboot players are people who don't understand the value of Reboot and are simply whining they don't get an event medal that would help them feel strong. A majority has voiced that removing the medals is simply one option. Keeping the medals in the Meso Box Option and removing the NX Box option was our #1 suggestion. Unfortunately, Nexon will always go for the "What will make us more money" option. It makes sense from a business standpoint. Many of us, including myself, are indeed upset that we can't get the medals. HOWEVER, removing the medals removes the most important concern that we had.

    Majority of the complaints NOW are simply because Nexon did not choose the best option for the players in Reboot mentioned above. In which I think this is understandable. Personally, I'm not gonna complain because the most important concern has been removed, so I'll go "Oh well, can't get medal, let's move on".

    I disagree with everyone wanting to have the Medals for free. If they were to allow medals back to Reboot, I'd rather have them make us work for it through quests, coin shop, or something like they did with the SAO and AoT event.

    Lastly, the last complaint that remains is simply the Re:Zero boxes having many non-Re:Zero items. The chances of getting worthless items from the boxes are high. Which is why this box became practically worthless to the players in Reboot. Although still funny, as people will STILL purchase it. It's no different when people complain about buying (11) Surprise boxes and not get anything they want. RNG is RNG, but at least the Surprise Boxes always had a "Well, it's not what I want, but at least it didn't feel like a complete total waste". As for the Re:Zero boxes.. you want a soul enchanter? You're gonna get one.
  • MapleStory X Re:ZERO Cash Shop Update Changes

    I can't believe I saw a reboot player want the NX option and is defending that option. Leave Reboot if you want to buy the medal.

    And I agree with AKradian with every aspect. Nexon has done this type of event before. Nexon has literally used this event simply to gain more money due to their knowledge that they will definitely gain. There's so many arguments that talk about Non-reboot versus Reboot, but most of them talk about how unfair it is for Reboot to have the boxes for Mesos. Umm hello? That's the point of reboot, cubing, pendant slots, and literally everything else related to gear has been turned to meso. That's the point of Reboot.

    To give one side of things, there's a chance (An extremely small and dumb chance) that Nexon didn't even think about Reboot when they thought about this event. Even though the Reboot Mesos question came up on the stream, Arwooo and the other guy didn't even fathom the thought that people can pay for the medal, which is the BiS medal any server has ever seen. A large amount of people complained in the twitch chat, but it was never even addressed even at that point.

    Lastly, we talk about transparency, and we are not getting any information whatsoever as to what they were freaking thinking, and how did this even pop up to begin with. Reboot is their most populated server, why? BECAUSE it is a no P2W dedicated server. Nexon KNOWS this. So how did this even happen? True Reboot members would all love to know.
  • MapleStory X Re:ZERO Cash Shop Update Changes

    peremec wrote: »
    Look I love the fact that you guys actually took the time and listened, but please listen correctly, I think I can speak for everyone when I say no one asked for this kind of change, everyone on the server still wants the re:zero medals, as they are literally the best thing about this entire event. We just don't want them to be obtainable through NX. Making the boxes cheaper was a great change but now we can't get the only thing worth buying the boxes for, what is the point? We want to be able to get the medals, just not through NX. The change I'm sure everyone wanted would be something like completely removing the NX option from reboot completely, and doing the price change to the meso option, with no item removals from the boxes.

    Please reconsider the changes, You say in your post "For the fans of Re:ZERO, we didn’t want to exclude any server from the exclusive items that could be acquired from this collaboration event." but as others have stated, this is doing exactly that. Everyone knows the best thing about this entire event are the medals, and it's honestly pointless when that best thing from the event is completely removed from your server altogether.

    No not true. A certain amount of posts literally said "We dont want the medals at all if it means to ensure Reboot does not become Pay to win". I am in favor of removing the medals for this aspect. Nexon wants to continue making money because they are a business. There is no reason for ME personally to ever get a Re:Zero box now in Reboot, but at the same time, I'm happy that the Medal is not obtainable through NX whatsoever.

    This event literally just became a leveling event for me since I'm on Reboot. Which I'm fine with. My only wish is that Beast Tamer would be available for this event and not after.
  • Please keep P2W out of Reboot

    "Id say they would first see how well the boxes sell to be planning future events, If they dont sell what they hope for, i doubt theyll be planning anymore events that makes them lose money"


    "Nope, i stand by what i said, these items arent pay to win, but you guys convinced nexon they were and thats why theyre 500mil"

    Stop posting here. You don't know what 'Pay 2 win' means. You also don't get anything about Reboot or anything at all regarding this. Everything you've even discussed is completely moot as you have absolutely no understanding whatsoever.

    Literally everyone's thoughts to you:

  • Please keep P2W out of Reboot

    TsukiBaka wrote: »
    Xeratetsu wrote: »
    Why complain about the price of the boxes if people basically said these boxes are pay2win, isnt it safe to assume theyd be overpriced, isnt something that gains advantage supposed to be expensive? either admit these boxes dont fall into the pay2win category and maybe theyll lower the prices or suck it up and quit complaining, if something gained the advantage you wanted others not to pay for, why would you ask for them to be cheap?

    Why complain you ask? We complain because when nexon does something shitty to its community because they want to just blatantly rip them off we're gonna say something. whether the vocal ones are a minority, or a majority(like in this case). The community isnt that same complicit little group that it used to be and when the company that runs it throws us and event that just a blatant slap in the face to the largest part of its community we're not gonna take it sitting down. Nexon isnt special, they're not gonna get special treatment and be allowed to give a big middle finger to all of reboot.

    Its the same situation if blizzard were to so some shady things to its customers in wow or any of their other game, they'd get called out and the community would group together to get said thing changed. A company doesn't exist without its consumer base,and yeah sure they have plenty of whales that are totally fine with nexon just purposely spitting in their face event after event, but i, and everyone else here that is vocal about nexon not ruining reboot with their p2w tactics like they did with the normal servers. We want reboot to stay as f2p as possible and this event is blatantly against that.

    let me put it simpler, pay2win = expensive, and f2p = cheap, therefore if they lowert he prices of the boxes from the 500mil, this event is no longer p2w right? so the basis of categorizing this event as pay2win is now solely on the prices of the box? is this event pay2win or not? if it is, why would they make them cheap?

    Do you not understand what pay 2 win means? I think you need to learn what it means.

    youre talking about a huge stat advantage in a game that has no damage cap. calling it pay2win is a stretch
    even someone that called this pay2win said those that want the boxes will have to farm mesos and if they dont want to why expect to have good items. So even someone on your side of the argument has said you guys will have to farm mesos if you want the boxes.

    and to be clear, mesos in reboot would be valued less than other servers because it is a meso based server, the flow of mesos circulating is more than other servers. if anything these boxes would serve like a meso sink for reboot, even if it's not needed because reboot has no economy, just giving and example of how the value of reboot mesos would be seen if it were like other servers.

    Doesn't sound like you understand anything at all. "These boxes would serve like a meso sink" lolwot. Do you even know where our mesos go first of all?
    Xeratetsu wrote: »
    but there is no endpoint in this game. period.

    How can you say there is no endpoint when there are a limited amount of bosses to kill and a 10b damage cap that you seem to believe doesnt exist. Just because you cant hit 10b per line doesnt mean that it isnt there. What exactly could you do when you hit the dmg cap and can kill all the bosses in the game? I call that an endpoint.

    and you think these little medals is going to help you reach 10bil?

    Your comment here sounds like you have been convinced that the boxes are INDEED P2W. Now you're just arguing about how much it would actually affect a user. First of all, It's BiS medals, that's huge! Regardless of how far they'll actually take someone in any situation. Reboot is all about getting stronger the more time you spend in the game in terms of efficiency, hard work, and cube/drop/soul luck etc. The Boxes should be no different. No this is not for you to argue about "Then that's what 500m boxes should be". The most important thing is the boxes should NOT COST NX in the Reboot server! Keep P2W on the P2W servers!