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  • Suggestions for Royal Hairs/Faces & Perm NX Covers

    BDO wrote: »
    Why is there's no updates on the premium style box today? Shouldn't the previous update last till July 25?

    It looks like they extended the previous boxes for another week. I guess Nexon doesn't want our money this week, or someone dropped the ball (which seems more likely). I'm disappointed as well.. like i think the only new thing we got were damage skins? At this point we seem to get damage skins so often that it's like ehh whatever. We have a thread here bursting with requests of things people want, where we are practically begging Nexon to just TAKE OUR MONEY, and they are like "naw it's cool ."
  • Suggestions for Royal Hairs/Faces & Perm NX Covers

    BDO wrote: »
    krsk wrote: »
    BDO wrote: »
    Recent 2 rounds of royals are really satisfying! Good job and keep this on going!

    I agree partially. I understand that i'm not going to like all the royals, so even tho there have been what i would deem "ugly" hairs in some of the recent sets I can deal.. but I really think its kinda lame that there are clearly male hairs being tossed in with the girls styles. If i wanted male hairs, i would have made a male character. I mean i get that there's a place for that but please limit it to coupons specific for gender bending, I hate trying to pay for a cute new hair for my girl chars only to end up looking like a man.

    That boy hair you are talking about is actually a really good looking male hair. I guess take it as an April fools style is still kinda worth it? Anyhow, it's understoodable that there will be "bad" styles in each round that people don't want or otherwise they cannot make profit from it...

    Well, I can understand that there will be bad styles, but again, if i wanted male hair I would made a male character or purchased an April Fool's coupon. I don't mind that they want to put in what I would deem an "ugly" hair, I just wish it was for the gender I have selected to play. I don't really think that is asking for too much.
  • Suggestions for Royal Hairs/Faces & Perm NX Covers

    Gothorita wrote: »
    Can we have the Heart-braid Hair, the Sugar Girl Hair, Shiny Ribbon Hair, and the Sweet Fairy Hair?
    yrj7MvZ.png mLPTV9e.png
    Can we also have the Pink Sapphire as a Permanent cover for Summer? (The Pink Mermaid Tail)

    totally want the mermaid NX as well. Was sad it wasn't in summer boxes. I also want sugar and sweet fairy hairs you mentioned. So lovely... additionally, still requesting the following hairs:nzk22w.png

  • Suggestions for Royal Hairs/Faces & Perm NX Covers

    emperor52 wrote: »
    Whoo! They added Multi hair for guys! Plus Green Suspenders are back.
    krsk wrote: »

    would still love to see the following hairs...

    They also added 3 of 6 styles you requested, not bad!
    Good update! Thanks Arwoo.

    It really is nice to see the guys get some love this week. So many great styles for them, and while I only like one of the female hairs this week, i remember seeing these others be requested so it's nice to see that come to fruition.

    Would still love to see the new mohican and double french braids. they are my number 1

    Thank you Arwoo.
    BDO wrote: »
    Just found out that these hairs and perms ARE available in our DB!!! So excited and very very looking forward to seeing them!!!!!!!

    From left to right:

    Sweet Fairy Hair(F) Luxurious Locks(F) Kai Hair(M)

    Queen's Evening Party(F) Frost Staff King's Banquet(M)


    Also, that male face in the picture called Constant Surprise which is basically a single color odd eyes looks great too!

    Besides these, I would also recommend Spring Scene Set:

    Please please please, if you like these styles as well, give it a like so that it has a better chance of getting updated soon!!!!

    OMG i would love to finally have the ears for the spring scene set and those hairs are adorable.
  • Suggestions for Royal Hairs/Faces & Perm NX Covers

    gpaik3 wrote: »
    Arwoo & Maple Lovers! Is it possible to have Jay Sterilized Kitty Eye Patch on Reboot? There are some NX covers which came in non-Reboot worlds but never on Reboot :( I would love to have my Bera covers in Reboot! T.T. Make my wish come trueee


    This eye patch was just out 3 months ago. I personally ended up with about 8.

    On a side note however... summer is .. well here.. and it would be REALLY nice to see the mermaid suits again



    Looks like they were only released once last year on 8/17 LF> a round two please.


    would still love to see the following hairs...