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  • Dutch trading restrictions.

    As a fellow dutchie obviously i was aware of this new Dutch law and i understand the intent behind it. I think however Nexon you are taking this to the extreme (putting it mildly). The intent behind this law was to block ingame gambling. This is easy to implement into the game by blocking us from spending nx here. There is absolutely no need to block us from things like using AH or even being able to do a normal trade with other players. I would understand blocking us from using the mesos market, since that can get you to obtain maplepoints to use in Cash shop, but any normal ingame trade, or selling ingame items (not nx items) has nothing to do with ingame gambling what so ever and will end up making the game unplayable for all Dutch players.
    Surely with some more time on your end Nexon you could come up with better solutions to comply to Dutch law, but leave the game playable for your Dutch loyal playerbase.
    I myself have been a loyal 16 year maplestory player and i love this game and the community. I'm a guildleader as well for for those 16 years and i feel a huge commitment and love for this game and its players.
    I hope you will take some more time to consider other options then the ones you are about to implement, out of loyalty to the Dutch playerbase.
    I feel we deserve better.

    With kind regards,

  • Can't claim reward points/popoh's relay reward poi

    I have the exact same issue. For some reason i can't redeem my maple reward points. I can collect maple relay and monster collection reward points, but i'm on 20/20 tokens and can't redeem those in cs.
    I get the same message, you didn't get any reward points.
    It's been like that for a few days now, so it has nothing to do with the daily cap.
  • Leveling up the Butter Cake Chair

    I was able to upgrade mine by collecting the 2nd batch of 100 cakes right after reset. My cake chair is now level 2 ;-)
  • Cannot access the Cash Shop

    Oddly enough i cannot access cs on my main character without dc-ing, but i have no issues on any of my other chars on the same account.
    So unless you need to buy something, to redeem reward points you can access cs on another char most likely.
    Hopefully this maintenance will fix the issue though *fingers crossed*
  • Who else is old here?

    Lol, i'm a 52 year old mom that plays maple. Does that make me the oldest?