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  • Give Nexon some brain pls, maybe it will succeed

    Ghants wrote: »
    Sooo, probably happen to maybe more than half the maplestory population well w.e is left anyways, but you have this thing that when u buy certain items you get a trade or item drop restriction like echo megaphone O_o dont know why but yeah its a thing( even in the already no trade Reboot server, lolz yup) but the thing is once you get this you wont be able to drop any items for like maybe 1-2 weeks, and so they block the way of doing many events, quests and boss missions like Zakum , since you actually have to drop the red orb in the lava as a sacrifice. So as usual Nexon makes hundreds of updates releasing items and avatars to make money, but dont realize the mistakes and stupidity they make by adding this useless rules. Anyways I decided to try this again after years and got some money into it to support but i see its been a mistake Again and this game don't deserve to be on their hands. I leave this to see if maybe gets the attention of anyone and they decide to fix this or not? Well dont matter to me anyways.

    never good to argue with anyone who wont listen, a wise person wouldnt do it.
  • It's time to FINALLY address world population

    this thread should be closed down I don't think they are ever going to address it. it's a lost cause so instead of keep bringing it up and pissing off a lot of people might as well close it and save us from our misery :(
  • is MapleStory dying?

    its depends on your definition of "dying" dying to some people can be different to others while we live in a very confused and weird culture. I would say in a lot of aspects it is definitely the way I define it "dying". We talk about maple culture like I always mention we had a culture before where people would love to log on and hang out and boss with people, now most of us solo or one-shot bosses. We also have a communication issue in the community where things that are written in words can start a who flame war which wasn't the case before, in short, we have an issue with hypersensitivity. We also have an issue where bullies or cowards exist in this brand where people would love to gang up on or witch hunt a single individual or just go 2+ vs 1 which is also an issue with mob mentality and groupthink. I can go on for days about it but yes it is dying and we have a good idea why it's dying not to forget the world transfer event of 2017 which single handily destroyed most of the player base and ruin a lot of friendships. But being aware of an issue and talking about it means nothing unless we use those resources to solve the problems. Some times even you stating or saying the issue can get you silenced so overall it's just a ship waiting to sink and not much we can do. anyway gl with whatever this thread is up for :D
  • Is Bera really populated as it seems to be?

    I recommended and still do recommend remote gm. Do mods abuse their powers? Absolutely it is a common issue and most companies are in fear of it. Are there platforms where remote gm's exist? Yes many MMO's have it and many of these mods even with people they don't like, they are able to communicate and work with community members. I have seen great things with people with integrity. The problem why some companies don't practice or do it is cause they either know or don't trust their staff. Sometimes people know the nature of the people around them and wouldn't give them too much power in fear of what they can do or become. I think nexon can practice it but I think nexon knows at least with the people they have rn it may not be possible. I still believe this is the better option and trustworthy and honest people exist and are out there. I believe the people who you really don't see in positions are usually the ones who would be most effective. But I think Peters law is one thing practice in most places and is visible :D
  • Issues revolving fairness in forum and game

    I as well as others have experienced many hardships and many issues revolving MapleStory forum and discord. I once posted a thread about fairness and abuse of power from mods and volunteers but it got taken down due to claiming it was insulting or shaming. I feel that we need to have some standards and fairness. I am posting this not only to get input but to find out how we have fallen this low. I have posted and commented on threads today and posted my signatures as anyone else would of. What happens AKRADIAN and some mods give me a warning for what? they never told me. Now, wait I want to ask you all this there have been some of us who gotten ban and restricted on some dumb stuff. based on opinions of a few. Now I spoke with some of the support team and brought the evidence to prove my point. Last time I posted a thread with evidence it got shut down. Now today I won't post the evidence as I want the community managers to contact me and others who I back who was ban and some falsely ban to show it. "THIS ISNT BASHING, NOR SHAMING, NO TRYING TO MAKE ANYONE LOOK DUMB" I only ask one question "where are our standards" usually when mods mute or put a restriction or something they usually contact the individual and say what. I contacted the team that was put in place to serve us and no one answered me nor non who been affected. Is this the management we want or need to serve us? I ask a simple question where are our standards and how can we fix our community so we can have fairness. I may not be too fond of some people but I never said I stab anyone, feed them toxins, Said the F word repeatedly, cause if I have done it I be ban on the spot I also have seen that today. Not one ban or warning for them. SO I ask a simple question as I have a right to post this. For our community management team to answer a simple question. Who will serve the voiceless, the ones who even if they're wrong should be heard? who will help those who are being flagged or warn without an explanation or a solid reason? and who will serve those and help those regardless of personal feelings or spite? These are the questions the voiceless the ones who have been ignored and mistreated ask you. This is why I say I am the voice of the voiceless, the voice of the community, and the Malcolm x of maplestory. Cause a wise man once said Khalid Abdul Muhammad "where ever you go be a revolutionary, cause if you don't who will?" I ask today if your a moderator, a community team or any team serving people do you not feel you need to serve those regardless of feeling and personal issues? My claims I made if you need verification I will leave my discord and also most can contact me on the forums but I leave this here for all to post and remember This isn't a post of flame war I only ask a question to the team serving us for who do we contact if someone treated me unfair cause as we seen from AKRADIAN not shaming him only stating a fact I message him even got a pic of it and ask him nicely what I do that was worthy of a warning no response. And I remember hearing him saying he will be fair and serve everyone but he hasnt serve me fairly once. Like I said I will be a revolutionary as the change doesn't happen when you play nice you have to challenge the status quo and be willing to make sacrifices. Again this post isn't bashing team only asking them about their standards and how they will serve us as a whole. This has gotten out of hand and is an issue beyond repair.

    If this post is posted in the wrong spot you can move it to the right one as gm team told me to post this for the community management team to look at here is my discord if any proof or evidence needs to be provided with my claims as I save everything (RizaSaika#8726) and remember people change doesn't happen just by letting them do as they please challenging and going out there to make change for all is the way to make good and positive change also shout out to lucsean a victim of hate and mess.