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  • Can we block specific people on these forums?

    Aggraphine wrote: »
    zoutzakje wrote: »
    Pretty much what the title says. Is there an option to essentially hide what specific users write on these forums? I'm fine with seeing their name when they posted something, i just don't want to see the obnoxious garbage that they might write (including quotes, if possible). "Then just don't read it and skip over it" is not always an option for me. I can't control it.
    If no such option exist, i would like to have it added.

    Thanks in advance, and have a nice day!

    Banning riza would have pretty much the same effect.

    If it isn't my biggest fan, I mean banning me is like getting rid of culture. I hope you can attend our riza history month events we got a lot of things going. Also, I don't hate you ;) as you are my biggest fan keep my name alive and good work. Black powa!!!

    Riza Saika (bera-Leader of Dragontribe)
    Riza Saika (ms community- Voice of the people)
    Riza Saika (ms community- Voice of the Voiceless)
    Riza Saika (ms community Malcolm X)

    Sadly, MapleStory 2 has pvp and battle royale.

    MapleStory 1 should have kept the pvp system in place, or at least made an attempt to balance it every time new classes and skills came out.

    Yea the ms2 does have it but I am more talking the issue with ms1. I feel it can be revamped and implemented if they balance everything out. Also, a competition based on skills and abilities and mastery is the goal. I feel most classes are equal and some can become more dangerous depending on who is using it. I seen and tested a lot of those classes and ran a lot test using my guildies. I have seen pros and cons from both sides but like I mentioned before mastery is key.
    YinYangX wrote: »
    *diddon't really read, just scrolled to the bottom and saw the "10 damage/line" thing
    Already a (huge) problem cause then just like in Discover Arena, DB/NL would dominate cause they hit the most lines/sec, iirc.

    (Just playing the devil's advocate, probably missed some bigger picture, apologies ahead of time. xd)

    Yes its true that they do a lot of damage but I think in a pvp setting I think the other classes can keep up. In a fighting setting yes they have quick and high attacks, but the other classes from what I have seen have a lot of defensive and offensive skills that can outdo them. I have done the research on my Ursus raids and seen the best class users on my servers play. I feel that setting damage would be fair the lines won't be such an issue if we keep it same setting as Ursus "8 skills only" this will limit the threat. cause without their buffs they can't do anything. Plus take into account they have the 2nd lowest defense in the game next to Bowman so that's also a consideration. But I say Look up Ursus raids and you see more of what I mean in pvp setting if they don't take out the other people quick they will be rendered useless. That was one argument I made above about strategy and mastery. The only one who has obtained it can overcome such weakness.
  • I want housing in this game

    HHAAHAHAHAA BREHHHHH you really think the designers will give us that without us paying. me i use the swamp hut as my kaisers place while no one goes there as well as the rien library as my guild base as well as my bishop log spot i recommend you use places in game no one uses like that big mansion in the demon place near gollux that makes a dope base ;p.
  • About the "Better Maple" thing...

    You might be surprised by how closely we (and other regions) work with Nexon Korea, and how many of the changes have come as a result of our collective feedback. While we don't get everything that KMS gets, and we don't always get it right away, it isn't like we have no impact on the game.
    - Source
    thax for posting what i did but like i said we get it regardless so yea you guys just need to work harder and bring more ideas to the tables and actually get those ideas done then it becomes yours. ;D