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  • Server Event Time Change - UTC

    Arwoo wrote: »
    Greetings Maplers,

    We've received much feedback from the community in regards to server times and inconsistency. We would like to inform Maplers that we will be sticking to UTC to provide more consistency to Maplers and to avoid confusion for event times. Currently, some event start times have typically been 12:00 AM PDT/7:00 AM UTC. After our June update, events will start at 5:00 PM PDT/12:00 AM UTC.

    Thank you,

    - Maple Team

    Maybe Maple should have done the following:

    UTC = Luna Only.

    PST/EST = Rest of Maple.

    Pretty simple, no?

    I think Nexon's just being lazy overall and trying to save money in the end. Instead of going with this route, you should have originally kept things the same and when EMS moved over just have UTC for them.

    It makes no logical sense at all. This kind of feels like the syria refugees coming into Canada, when Trudeau should be paying more attention to the country's he's running.

    Overall a Major Disappointment...


    This guy, who's been voicing about disagreeing to UTC ever since it was brought up in the first place.
  • Please keep P2W out of Reboot

    This event is similar to the SAO event, but instead of buying passes to see who can run the most and get the Beater Medal.

    You now have to gach for the medals which is a lot more difficult just based on RNG Alone.

    However the SAO and AoT events were before reboot was around.

    The medals might be considered pay to win, but that's only if you want to actually pay for the chance to get them.

    I myself am just fine without both medals. The 5% exp gain would be nice but I mostly play maple with not a lot of 2x cards and such to begin with.

    All in all, It's up to you if you wish to pay up for the gach to get a chance at the medals.
  • How was your IGN invented?

    My Bishop was originally called BishopBunneh back in 2005, just a cutesy name for a female bishop. However I wasn't the type to use people and catfish. It was because I found female gear was 1/4th the price of male items. Also because I liked a certain hairstyle they had out. I changed the name with a name change which cost 10k NX back in the day. It was now RockerRobert so people would stop trying to hit on me and thinking I was an actual female. Things still didn't pan out.

    Move along in maple history to the world leap event and I moved over my Ultimate Adventurer Bowmaster. When we got the free name change I made it Rocs because a Roc is an Eagle and I was basically using a Bowmaster at this point in time. I felt like overall it was suited because you have your phoenix already so why not name a bow-user with a phoenix after a mythological giant Eagle.

    And that's how my IGNs were formed.

    Other IGNs I usually just make on the fly, It's random.