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  • ★★ Allow Cash Items and RP to function like KMS ★★

    Improving Reward Points:

    Make reward points function excatly the same as they do in : KMS/JMS/CMS/TMS/ThaiMS/MSEA
    In those regions you are able to buy some cash shop items with full reward points price ( 100% Reward Point and 30% Reward Points Options, and not just a 30% discount )
    • Items Like: 90 day Cash clothes, pets ,pet skills, pet equips, and the list goes on....

    • This would be amazing because we could buy temp nx or other good stuff from the cash shop with reward points only.
      again, not all of the items in the cash shop are purchasable with full reward points

    • ( instead of paying, for ex: 2,500 NX, you can pay 2,500 in Reward points to purchase an item from the cash shop )
      not from the rewards shop.

    Edit more info about this: In KMS you can choose to pay with 30% mileage or 100%. The latter will make the cash item unable to payback, trade or gift.
    Items that cannot be purchased with Mileage:

    - Limited items, discounted items and packages
    - Power Elixirs, Monster Life related items ( Power Elixirs comes as a bonus when purchasing maple points coupon from the cash shop in the other regions )
    - Gacha items (pandora box, royal etc)
    - Items with gift function like friendship rings

    You can buy Cash items using 100% Mileage! Some items have a limit per Nexon ID, you cannot gift, trade, or pay-back items bought from the Mileage Shop.

    In addition to regular methods of collecting Mileage, you can now defeat Elite Monsters and get Mileage Packages. These can be used up to 5 times per Maple ID and give 50~80 Mileage each.

    Credit for the extra information goes to: Spadow and OrangeMushroom

    Now i know it's a small thing but... having played kms as low-level player i was Level 30, and got 60 Reward point token by defeating a tough elite mob or monster, however you want to call it, just... felt.... Incredibly Rewarding, and just that little thing made me want to continue playing, it's like the game said: "Well Done for clearing this hard content, here's a reward for your efforts"

    it's those little things that keep the players coming back for more :)

    And please make all NX Equips in the Cash shop have a permanent duration.

    PS. I know that Botters and Hackers are a HUGE problem in GMS, but we shouldn't suffer just because of them.
    ie : meso market wasn't implemented in gms for a while because of botters, but look now, we have the meso market, and everythings fine, mesos are still inflated, and were inflated even before the meso-market was introduced.

    * Also note that ThaiMS ( Thailand ) is a new server and they already have all of the above features.
    Yes Can confirm played on that server, everything is accurate.

    Here's a video of a ThaiMS Player buying a perm cash clothes with Mileage only ( Reward Points ) he has 6 Cash ( NX ), 82 Maple Points, and 57 Mileage ( Reward Points ) before he buys the item, after he bought the item he is left with 8 Mileage ( Reward Points ) , 6 Cash ( NX ), and 82 Maple Points.

    The currency at Thailand is different, and the a ThaiMS player told me, that 1 Cash = 1 Thai baht so the cash items at ThaiMS are not cheaper then in GMS or Vice Versa.
    ( Start watching from: 1:25 )

    • THMS / ThaiMS = Thailand MapleStory
    • TMS = Taiwan / Hong Kong MapleStory
    • CMS = China MapleStory
    • KMS = Korea MapleStory
    • JMS = Japan MapleStory
    • EMS = Europe MapleStory
    • GMS = Global MapleStory
    • MapleSEA / MSEA = South East Asia MapleStory
    • Mileage = Reward Points

    *Edit: Apparently you can even purchase items with full reward points in MapleSEA ( So Reward points works the same way across all the regions, besides GMS )

    Improve Cash Items, and Crafted Cubes and possibly Crafted Flames, Make them all fully Tradeable:

    In Every Region Besides GMS, players can freely trade: Pets / Red, Black, Bonus Cubes / Crafted Flames and Crafted Cubes / PSOK / Cash Scrolls / Style Boxes etc,
    in the Auction house or to other players.

    That's the real big change nexon should make, i'm sick of having Account Tradeable only Nodestones because of excuses like: "It's Because of Botters and hackers"
    *I know that you can get fully tradeable Nodestones from nodecrafting, but that's just not enough. ( also with the lower drop rate we get even less nodestones then before, so less node shards in turn making even less crafted nodes.

    This really kills the market, you know how awesome would it be to buy a perm pet or a bonus potential cube from the auction house ?
    or let's say you done cubing and you got 5 cubes left, in current gms you get 3 options:

    1. Cube something else and hope for the best
    2. Sell it as a service to someone else
    3. Let it rot in your inventory until it expires

    In the other regions ( yes every region besides GMS, i'm talking about KMS, TMS, CMS Etc..., even MSEA which is ran by Asia Soft which Many Sea players keep saying they are an even worse company )

    Players have 5 Options:

    1. Cube something else and hope for the best
    2. Sell it as a service to someone else
    3. Sell it in the auction house for mesos
    4. trade it to another player for meso or service
    5. Let it rot in your inventory until it expires

    Here's the Auction House in KMS:

    *Note: That in order for a Cash or NX item to be fully tradeable to either; another player, or to sell in the auction house, the item Must be bought with NX-Only Cash items bought with Maple Points, or Reward Points ( if we get the option to use 100% Reward Points on certain Cash Items like in other regions )
    are Not Tradeable at all.

    So someone still has to pay NX for the item ( but that someone has the choice to either, use it, or sell it )

    And obviously the item must not be used ( can't trade perm nx after you wear it ), or a cash coupon after you used it.

    *I don't know how would GMS' NX-Prepaid and NX-Credit Unique System would work with that however, ( GMS is the only region with NX credit and Prepaid, other regions only have 4 options; Cash ( NX ), Maple Points, 30% Reward Points Discount, Pay with 100% Reward Points ( for certain items like pets and cash clothes )

    Please Nexon, listen to us; introduce/implement this suggestions and PERM NX in the cash shop, then we get PERM NX in the cash shop, instead of 90 days, and you get that money from us ( because it would have a permanent duration instead of 90 days, people would start buying )

    GMS Should make all Cash Equipment Tradeable with other players and in the Auction House ( Like all the other regions can )
    that is why KMS Regular Server are more popular then reboot ( You can buy Red, Black,Bonus Potential cubes or even pets with Meso from the Auction House )

    All Cash Items purchased with NX would be Fully Tradeable to other players, and to sell on the Auction House, Remove Trading restrictions of Most of the items, like Crafted cubes, dropped Nodestones, and possible Crafted Flames.

    Make GMS' Reward Point Function The Same as KMS' Mileage: Being able to buy certain items from the cash shop with 100% Reward Points like; Pets, Cash Clothes, etc.
    and make Elite Mobs and Bosses drop Reward Point Token ( that give about 50 - 80, and have a limit of 5 Per Day )

    Remove Trading Restrictions from items that have the prefix: "Transferable Through Account Only" in GMS, Allow us to fully trade Cash Items in the Auction House and With Other Players, like the other regions can, that should help everyone tremendously

    Add to the poll: And The Tradeability of all Cash Items.

    Then Everyone will be Happy <3

    You're dealing with Nexon America, they'll just pump out more pay to win content, and they won't do that option because they'll lose out on NX sales.

    It's just the way how Nexon America works, they want to make us KMS and every other server for NX purchases and how the game works. But when to comes to being consumer-friendly...


    Also this won't affect reboot at all either.
  • Evangelion Crossover, huh?

    Purchase a special random box and open it up to find Evangelion-themed items including androids and chairs.

    Basically Re:Zero 2.0

    How about we go back to the crossovers which were done right, such as SAO or AoT.