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  • Greetings from CM Ghiblee

    Ghiblee wrote: »
    Ghiblee wrote: »
    From 2018, it would have to be SNK season 3 just because I was waiting for it
    All time favorite has to be D. Grayman... It has a special place in my heart.

    What about Violet Evergarden? An audio-visual masterpiece by KyoAni, anime of 2018 for me.
    Thoughts on the No Game No Life movie if you watched it?

    Ooh, I'll look into those! Thank you.
    Lucky, you get to watch both without knowing anything. It'll be one hell of a ride and you're definitely gonna cry.
  • Leave Explorer's Cruel Ring alone

    WTF Nexon KR. Nexon NA, we're counting on you to revert this.... unless it's NA who did this?
    Already been nerfed once with that 1% instant death chance gone. Critical damage is literally the only reason I've kept the ring for all these years.
  • Can we please do something about drop rate?

    JalaJala wrote: »

    What are your thoughts if Nexon were to further increase the droprate of nodestones a ton more? I'm thinking something like supply will increase, prices will go down again, newer players can more easily farm more nodestones themselves compared to now, and buying cheap affordable nodestones will be another option for newer players.
  • Who ISN'T transferring to Bera?

    I am proud of you few brave souls that chose to stay standing alone and fighting back "THE NOTHING" that is threatening your worlds. But i was too afraid of the emptyness that is the nothing. So i like many others fled to the safe haven of bera.

    Yes never ending story reference i love it.
    Cool story bro... not. Still don't care, especially with your bullshet acting. You remind me of the other poster, inukiroya, copying and pasting from that very same thread to this same thread, as if you thought your post was so amazing and worth repeating. "THE NOTHING" oh noz, that needs capitalization and quotes.

    There's one thing I'm sure everyone else will agree on about your post. "YOU'RE TRYING TOO HARD." Don't you find it embarrassing at all?