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  • Poll: for the future!

    I would personally stick to PC, but having Maple on PS4 or Xbox 1 would be cool too. Still, if they need to hand over rights to achieve that, I say just stay with PC.
  • Request: Can we have another SAO event?

    Hello All,

    I know SAO is not as popular as it was in the past ( thank you ALfhiem online...). But we all need to admit that if you get rid of ALfhiem all together in both SAO and SAO II, it is an anime that is unbelievably amazing and relevant to gamers. In fact, prior to some non-sense over the web (or ALfhiem... or a combo of the two...), SAO was THE MOST POPULAR series in anime and it makes sense despite it being a bit of a cliché (HACK series or even EXCEL world (or what ever it is called...) and IMO (not necessarily fact), we could all relate somewhat more to Kirito as gamers than other protagonists in other series (though I have not seen HACK anything so feel free to take that grain of Salt).

    In fact, the main reason why I created my You Tube series, 'Journey from lvl 205 to Lvl 250 in Pensalir' is because I was too low of a level with my current main to even be effective in the SAO event (I got to round 2... anyone can get to round 2...), and I wanted to give myself, and possibly others watching me, that sense of testing one's limits and battling an overwhelming force (Pensalir and my limited maple experience implies I must adapt or die, in game literally). I even developed a strong appreciation for Maple Story because it punishes death in game so severely (up to -10% exp for low ambition?).

    So, with all of this in mind, I hope that we can agree that having another SAO event (and having another crack at those sweet prizes) is something to consider. Thank you for your time and consideration.


  • YouTube: Journey from lvl 205 from 250 in Pensalir

    Hello YinYangX,

    Just wanted to thank you again for your info on Huigin. If it was not for one part of the fight where I got a little too sure of myself, I would have had my fastest run with 0 deaths. That could make for a good 6th attempt. Unfortunately, I made it with out a mic (I will have the mic Sept. 13th). But I look forward to you seeing it. :D

    Thank you again.


  • YouTube: Journey from lvl 205 from 250 in Pensalir

    Hey YinYangX,

    No problem. I love hearing from others about my videos in general.

    3.) That will come in handy for the Pink Bean battles and CHT battles ( assuming CHT does not end it early XD ). I also plan on hard core grinding every few episodes so that can be a long hour or so, going at x2 speed would save me from having to randomly stop, say some closing statements, and start a new video.
    4.) I really should let viewers know what I did off camera. Off camera, I managed to make a Unique CRA katara after using 1 MORE CRAFTSMAN's CUBE... (you will know why those words are in caps in the next few videos or so). Then there were a few other things, but I will definitely spend a minute or 2 explaining new things off camera.
    a.) That would explain a lot... however, thanks to the new info. you gave me, I have a sweet idea on how to deal with Huigin which you will see in my 5th Pink Bean fight (unfortunately, 2 more Pink Bean fights, Pink Bean Solo's Part 3 and 4, have been made with me not knowing that thanks to the dual blades general fighting technique of up close and personal XD).
    f.) I actually have a few characters that I unintentionally made mules. I have 9 other characters that sort of act as mules. XD
    *But I never though to move recipes. I normally needed to worry more about my Equip tap.*

    I hope that I do get to see you in Zenith some time. Until then, I hope I can see more of your comments. :)


  • YouTube: Journey from lvl 205 from 250 in Pensalir

    YinYangX wrote: »
    I'll say I'm mildly interested, mainly because I'm running a NW with Pensalir (have enough money for CRA set, but stubbornly saying I won't get until I can solo CRA bosses without, xd, let's see how long I last; been like that way back before NW even could reach 200).
    Going to check out your channel, but here's some thoughts:
    1. I know you say "Pensalir set" but what other equips? (Standard: superior gollux, tyrant, etc?)
    2. Looks like you're mainly doing bossing videos. Haven't looked at each one closely, but wouldn't they just be like normal boss runs that take a bit more time? Doesn't really seem like an attention getter, imo.
    3. Maybe an interesting idea would be instead of just pure Pensalir, you work your way up from Pensalir to better armor from solo-boss drops instead of buying
    [Example: Pensalir -> Empress Set -> SW -> CRA (or whatever the order is)]
    4. Or the other option is see how good of potentials you can get from mob drops without cubing (but again, that'd nerf damage a lot).

    1.)I only equipped the Pensalir set and boss drops. Currently: full Pensalir set, chaos HT pendant, dea sidus ear rings, power crystal, mystic eye face, silver blossom ring, Ifia's noble ring, synergy ring (from override event), kanna's ring, hayato's shoulder, ayame's belt, gold adventurer emblem (lvl 100), and I switch between the shinsoo school badge and the golden badge from Shanghai (lvl 120). Each of these are lvl 140 or less and have Epic potential or lower with the exception of my weapons ( dagger and katara ) which are currently Unique potential.
    Aside from the Pensalir set, I will only use items that are lvl 140 or less and are boss drops or items gained from boss related quests or major events (like the school badge) with the exception of the golden badge players can get at Shanghai.
    I do a lot of crafting too so, eventually, the stats on my useable equips will change. But not before I focus on "wasting cubes" on items I have in inventory that I am not using before reaching my goal of Lvl 250 in pensalir.
    2.)Aside from boss runs, since I even began to bore myself, I decided to do some side grinding and events to keep appeal. Maybe start/attempt speed runs. But, mostly, I want the essence of maple story to come across to viewers from a thief build perspective, especially in the starter lvl 140+ equips.
    3 and 4.) I really like your 3rd and 4th bullet. It sounds interesting so I may make another character for it ( I already said in the first video that Thoner will only use Pensalir or worse). My question is, for the new character, would you all want to see it from lvl 10 onward, lvl 1 onward, or from lvl 140-50 onward?

    Anyway. I love seeing replies. Just note that many of my videos are premade since I want to provide constant footage through the year and, in my friends organization, I am doing almost all the videos atm so it is that much more necessary that I do something each week to encourage views, subscribers, etc.
    However, YinYangX, I greatly value your feedback and response and the next video I make I will try your 4th bullet by grinding using Thoner. For your 3rd bullet, and 4th since it would be fun to watch, I will make a second "Thoner" and do gear development on him. Thank you again for your awesome ideas and your comment.