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I just got done polishing my Non-Leech guide. Now I have the guide with the places to level, and the other guide with the places to get equipment!


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About Me
I'm just a fellow Mapler whose been around since early Sept of 2005. I know all about the hardships of pre Big Bang and how it beat you in to how the game works. I've played around with a lot of classes throughout the years, but I'd have to say my favourite class to play as is Hero of the Explorer Warrior tree.
  • Make an Option to Disable a Feature.

    It would be nice to be able to log into the game without being bombarded with Sunny Sunday notifications and the Maple News. I've logged onto one of my characters recently and couldn't take control of my character to save them from dying because of this "supreme priority."
  • Captain Vaga guide (R.I.P)

    The Captain Vaga quest line is its own game mode and the EXP scales with your level. It's an area you transform in, so don't worry about your HP or damage. The kill count is what determines how much EXP you gain, so the higher the number, the more EXP you get. You will also gain something called Promotion Points. Promotion Points are what increases your rank. The amount you get is calculated by multiplying your kill count by 2. Failure to complete a mission can happen if either you or an outpost loses all HP. If you managed to kill something, you are only rewarded with EXP. Sometimes during missions, the client will fail to load your score. So when this happens, go into Task Manager to close the game, load the game back up, log in, and it should fix itself to give you your well-earned EXP. Normally you can enter into a mission 20 times a day, but if you visit the Mess Hall, you can purchase Warm Soup for 600 credits to allow extra missions to be taken after reaching the daily limit for 10 minutes. The only other worth-while thing to purchase from the Mess Hall is Sweet Candy, and it also costs 600 credits. It grants 10% additional EXP for 10 minutes (grants at the mission result screen).
    After reaching the final rank of Elite, you will receive the Captain Vaga Medal and the stats on it are +8 ALL, +800 HP/MP, and +6 W.ATK/M.ATK. You will also be able to purchase a chair that heals 200 HP/MP from the CS89 machine in the Mess Hall for 5000 credits. This chair, by the way, is awesome! When you sit with it, it can play either the In-Battle music, the Captain Vaga Official Soundtrack, or a heartfelt musical piece .
    Your character must be equipped with a weapon outside of Captain Vaga in order for damage to register. There are some other equips that you may also benefit from like having a poison effect (quite effective against the boss) on your weapon or having armour that has HP regen (this will likely be the thing that will carry you).
    You move your character with the WASD keys and aim with the mouse (W = up, A = left, S = down, D = right).
    Switch between your main weapon and pistol with 1 and 2.
    Tapping A twice dashes you to the left and tapping D dashes to the right. When either falling or Bunny Hopping, you can dash in the air up to two times before landing.
    R is the key you reload your main and secondary weapons with.
    The left mouse button is used for firing/piercing.
    The right mouse button (while held in conjunction with firing/chopping with the left mouse button) is used to focus a large amount of shots in one burst and to empower your melee attacks.
    Spacebar: tap once to "Bunny Hop", tap twice to Jag Jump. S + Jump = Jump downward.
    C is used to access your Tactical Support menu. You can use upwards of 4 at a time and be used with 1, 2, 3, and 4 when the menu is open.
    Aiming up while in the midst of using a Tactical Support skill gives you easy access to receive the ammo/summon you desire, as it will be deployed to your location.
    EFG are designated as your Special Equipment. You can have upwards of 3 at a time.
    Guardsman employs the use of the Submachine Gun, Quantum Spear, Grenade, Ammo, Repositioning Boost, and Swift Assault.
    Second Guardsman employs the use of the Rifle, First Aid, Healing Generator, Squad Shield, and Tactical Mastery.
    First Guardsman employs the use of the Shotgun, Auto Turret, Short Range Marksmanship, and Vital Strike.
    Lead Guardsman employs the use of Adrenaline Shot, Orbital Bombardment, and Quartermaster.
    Enforcer employs the use of Level 2 Suits, Minigun, Overwhelming Firepower, and Stamina Boost.
    Third Enforcer employs the use of Booster Shot and Cloak.
    Second Striker employs the use of Level 3 Suits.
    First Striker: able to upgrade Quantum Spear to level 4. Unlocks Personal Office.
    Lead Striker: able to upgrade Quantum Spear to the max level of 5.
    Elite is the final rank. The rank of Captain.
    Primary Weapon
    Submachine Gun (Maxed out at Level 3)- Ammo: 60. Magazines: 4. Base Damage: 5. Max Damage: 7.
    Rifle (Maxed out at Level 3)- Ammo: 40. Magazines: 4. Base Damage: 10. Max Damage: 12.
    Shotgun (Maxed out at Level 3)- Ammo: 24. Magazines: 6. Base Damage: 5. Max Damage: 7.
    Launcher (Maxed out at Level 3)- Ammo: 30. Magazines: 3. Base Damage: 300. Max Damage: 360.
    Flamethrower (Maxed out at Level 3)- Ammo: 500. Magazines: 1. Base Damage: 30. Max Damage: 32.
    Quantum Spear (Maxed out at Level 5)- Base Damage: 20 (Empowered: 40). Max Damage: 28 (Empowered 56).
    Secondary Weapon
    Pistol (Maxed out at Level 3)- Ammo: 13. Magazines: 4. Base Damage: 5. Max Damage: 7.
    Special Equipment (All MAX out at Level 3)
    Frag Grenade: tosses a grenade in whatever direction you’re aiming and detonates in 3 seconds, so predict accordingly where your enemy will be. Base Damage: 30. Max Damage 36.
    First Aid: Using it will instantly heal you. Base Heal: 10. Max Heal: 30.
    Adrenaline Shot: Increases Speed by 30% for 30 seconds.
    Booster Shot: Increases stability of shots fired and also increases your melee damage. Base Damage: 10. Max Damage: 20.
    Calming Shot: Provides increased stability.
    Jump Pack: A mega jump that propels you forward in the direction you're moving (not to be confused with where you're aiming).
    Tactical Support (All MAX out at Level 3)
    Ammo: Request additional ammo (may takes upwards of 6 seconds to deploy).
    Healing Generator: Continuously restores HP to allies within range (may takes upwards of 6 seconds to deploy).
    Squad Shield: Creates a shield on the map that takes damage before your HP. Cooldown activates when the shield breaks (may takes upwards of 6 seconds to deploy).
    Auto Turret: A turret that emits shockwaves to damage and pull nearby enemies (may take upwards of 6 seconds to deploy). Base Damage: 3. Max Damage: 5.
    Minigun: A heavy weapon with high rate of fire and penetrating shots (may take upwards of 10 seconds to deploy). Ammo: 350. Base Damage: 10. Max Damage: 12.
    Orbital Bombardment: Fire a series of powerful blasts from orbit to devastate enemies that are ground-level (may take upwards of 10 seconds to deploy). Tip: try to keep flying bugs close to the ground because damage will not register if they're too high in the air.
    Tactical Doctrine (All MAX out at Level 3)
    Repositioning Boost: Increases Speed after aiming.
    Short-Range Marksmanship: Increases reload speed.
    Overwhelming Firepower: Increases the default number of magazines. Base Increase: 4. Max Increase: 6.
    Swift Assault: Increases attacks per second.
    Vital Strike: Increases melee damage. Base Damage: 10. Max Damage: 20.
    Stamina Boost: Increases max HP. Base HP: 110. Max HP: 120.
    Tactical Mastery: Reduces Tactical Support cooldown.
    Quartermaster: Reduces Special Equipment cooldown.
    Cloak: Increases Defense.
    The Gist of this Game Mode:
    Before you head out to battle, stop by the Mess Hall by pressing W on the door. You will be brought to an open area that has stairs leading to a platform. Go up there and use the portal to navigate to the third area. It looks the same as the floor before, but trust me, you did change floors. Just head on through the door to the left and you will enter the Mess Hall. When you enter the room, talk to Mess Officer. He will give you fetch quests to collect 10 bug samples in exchange for 100 Credits. There are 5 fetch quests in total. I suggest getting a total of 20 samples because you will need 10 more samples for a fetch quest you get later on at Second Striker. After receiving the quest, head back to the transporter and go to the floor that says Bridge. Go through the left door and you will be back in the room you started in.
    Your starting rank is Guardsman. As such, your first mission is to defend an outpost by killing bugs with either a gun or a spear.
    I've found that the Rifle and Quantum Spear work the best for the first two bugs because they're capable of one-shotting them. You gain additional skills later on and can be upgraded with credits that you earn after every successful mission to be used in 2 areas on the Strategic Support & Logistics Management floor. In Passageway 2 through the left door, you can upgrade your weapons. Again, in Passageway 2, there is a hidden door to the right side of the map through the center of what I've dubbed the "black-void"; inside you can upgrade your Tactical Support. I've found that it is pointless to upgrade any weapon and the distribution instead should be focused as follows: First Aid, Quantum Spear, Booster Shot, Orbital Bombardment, Grenade, Minigun, Auto Turret, Short Range Marksmanship, Tactical Mastery, Quartermaster, and then Cloak.
    When you reach the rank of Enforcer, you will make your way down into the bug's main base (the one that you saved Lapis from) and this time your top mission is to race to locate and eliminate all bug eggs. Luckily they're all in one spot so when you enter inside the base the first time, just head south-west to find the eggs.
    Once you get to First Enforcer, look out for the next time you enter a mission. A new character by the name of Miro joins the story and he's annoying. He's rigged the next outpost defense mission lowering the amount of ammo you get from Ammo Deploy and I'm about to tell you how to get around it. Grab Rifle, Ranged Suit 2, First Aid, Minigun, Orbital Bombardment, and Quartermaster. Once deployed, instantly summon up your Minigun and high tail it to the far left side of the map and aggro all the bugs to you. Some will try to attack the outpost, but get rid of them and return to the spot you were luring. Rinse and repeat until you have a hoard of bugs following you around and just stall out the clock. When the timer reaches less than 20 seconds, let loose on them with that Minigun and predicted Orbital Bombardment!
    Having gotten your spear to Level 3, your empowered attacks will deal 48 damage. Combine that with the Level 3 Booster Shot and now your empowered damage is 68. Level 3 First Aid restores 30 HP. Level 3 Grenade deals 36 damage. Level 3 Orbital Bombardment deals 400 x 4. Level 3 Minigun deals 12 damage. Level 3 Auto Turret deals 7 damage. Level 3 Cloak lowers damage. Needless to say, this is gonna be a lot more useful against the bug boss.
    Once you've reached the rank of Striker, you'll be immediately forced to fight the bug boss. No other missions will be available until you have beaten it. Go into the mission with Level 3 Melee Suit, Quantum Spear, Grenade, First Aid, Booster Shot, Orbital Bombardment, Auto Turret, and Cloak. Clear out the map of the regular bug mobs and then head over to the far right of the map. Once you're there, try entering the portal. This will activate the appearance of the bug boss on the far left of the map. Rush over there and wait for it to poke its head out. Summon the Auto Turret to prevent it from moving anywhere. You're given 3 chances to summon Auto Turret and Orbital Bombardment while the boss moves across the map. For whatever reason while you're keeping pace with the boss and you use Auto Turret in lower path at the middle of the map, the boss gets confused and physically turns around heading in the opposite direction of its set course. This effect doesn't last long, since it does correct its designation. Stay in front of it and don't worry about getting knocked around by it. Cloak with Level 3 Melee Suit lowers the boss’s damage to 1. Pop the Booster Shot and take whichever one of your hands that is the best at mashing and go ham on the left mouse button while your other is holding the right button down. Use Grenade and Orbital Bombardment to help with additional damage. This is the ONLY method I've found that works.
    Now having disposed of the boss, you are given free reign to eliminate the hoards of bugs that appear on that map. Defeating the boss is still what completes the mission, but do you really want to? You just went through hell trying to kill it. Give your nerves a break and just enjoy the 10 minutes of bug genocide. From here on out, your only means of getting promotion points the safe way is by doing the egg destruction mission.
    Once you reach Second Striker, Miro will have you going on five fetch quests to gather 10 bug samples from Bug Soldier, Flying Bug Soldier, Advanced Bug Soldier, Advanced Flying Bug Soldier, and both Red Bugs. You must complete all sample missions before being able to continue getting promotion points. On an unrelated note, you can probably fight the bug boss a bit more easily now that you can upgrade the Quantum Spear to Level 4. Get as many kills as you can before summoning the boss through the portal on the left side (the boss appears from the right side this time). You use the same build as before, but this time you've got a stronger weapon.
    When you reach First Striker, you will be given your own office. You can go to it through Passageway 3 through the right door. Once you enter the room, you will enter a large empty room where you will be greeted by your own secretary who says she will help you with anything you need. Talking to her gives you instant access to the Logistics Management, Strategic Support, Mess Hall, Battle Preparation, and Office Customization. Immediately you will think, "how does customizing your office have anything to do with progressing in this game mode?" I'm not gonna lie, it does absolutely nothing for you than to simply make your office look like it's got "activity" going on in it. There's furnature you can purchase for 600 creidts each. You cannot interact with any of the furnature.
    When you reach the rank of Elite, you will be able to enter the Captain's Office and that is through the door to the right in Passageway 1. Congratulations! You've completed Capatain Vaga!
  • Adventures Hog Mount Quest return?

    AKradian wrote: »
    I don't know why they forgot to put it in the update notes.
    I did post it on the forums http://forums.maplestory.nexon.net/discussion/19756/explorer-mount-quests-are-back/p1 but most people don't have time to read everything here.

    I Saw that Ty Alot

    and i must to Update u
    I did the Quest to get the Hog with my Jett, So on my Jett i Got the Hog
    but Jett Cant get the Silver Mane Quest
    Y that?

    Your Jett has to be level 120+ to able to do the quest for Silver Mane.
  • [MYBCKN] R>Starters! A guild for Perma Beginners

    I welcome all perma Beginners, Noblesses, Legends, and Citizens of MYBCKN to join Starters!
    There are currently 3 characters in the guild right now (2 Beginners and 1 Legend).
    We are online every day.
    (Incentives to Join)
    All who join are given a free Blazing Sword weapon.
    It's a friendly and active guild devoted to helping each other climb the ranks as a perma starter.
    The main goal of the guild is to help everyone reach 200+ and to get the "Not Beginner's Luck" achievement.
  • Common Equips (Drop List)

    This list goes along with my "Non-Leech Beginner" guide. I originally had it included, but due to character overload, I had to post it up separately.
    This list is probably one of the most time-consuming things I've ever had to build from scratch. It includes Beginner-friendly equipment from towns, some quests and events, and mostly monster drops.

    Neville is an NPC who sells Secondary weapons in most towns. All Beginner's can benefit from the Cygnus Knight variety.
    Maple Island has weapon and armor merchants that sell level 0 equipment.
    Lith Harbor has weapon and armor merchants that sell level 0-21 equipment.
    Henesys has weapon and armor merchants that sell level 5-26 equipment.
    Ellinia weapon merchant sells a level 8 Wand.
    Perion has a weapon merchant who sells level 10-20 weapons.
    Kerning City has weapon and armor merchants that sell level 10-25 equipment.
    Nautilus has a weapon merchant that sells level 10-15 weapons.
    Showa has weapon and armor merchants that sell level 0-30 equipment.
    Ninja Castle has weapon and armor merchants that sell level 0-70 equipment.

    Dalair at level 30: Quest Specialist(Medal).
    Fritto Bounty quests: Fritto's Friend(Medal), Pollo's Friend(Medal).
    Golden Beach quest line: Octopus Earrings, Gold Beach Members(Medal).
    Rienne Strait quest line: Sailor's Mask, Sailor Belt, Deckhand(Medal).
    Easy Zakum: Zakum Helmet/Branch.
    Hidden Potential and Bonus Stats tutorial level 60: Curbrock's Shoulder/Ring.
    Mushroom Kingdom quest line: Princess Violetta Cape/Pendant.
    Mr. Wetbottom's quest line in Sleepywood (NOTE: CAN'T BE DONE WITH JOBLESS): if done by male = Blue Sauna Robe, if done by female = Red Sauna Robe.
    Balrog Party Quest: Balrog's Leather Shoes, Balrog's Fur Shoes, Balrog Mount(Untradeable/Expires).
    Alcaster: Cape of Warmness.
    Hughes's quest line in Orbis Tower: Oxygen Tank.
    Kenta's collection quests: Kenta's Fish Spear.
    Afterlands quest line: Beodog Figurine, Billy Figurine, Adler Figurine, Mensa Figurine.
    Ariant quest line: Ariant Culture Expert(Medal).
    Keeny's quest line in Magatia: Strong Machine Gloves.
    Alcadno/Zenumist Entrance Exams: Alcadno's Cape, Zenumist's Cape.
    Magatia quest line: Magatia's Alchemist(Medal).
    Normal Zakum: Zakum Helmet, Condenced Power Crystal, Aquatic Letter Eye, Zakum Branch.
    Elin Forest quest line: Ephinia's Ring.
    Ludirium quest line: Ludibrium Sheriff(Medal).
    Silent Crusade quest line: Rings/Titles/Medals. Coin shop sells Belt/Pendant/Shoulder and a 115 set which includes Eye Accessory/Face Accessory/Belt/Pendant/Earrings.
    Monster Park: Spiegelmann's Mustache.
    Blackgate quest line: Blackgate Face Accessory/Shoulder/Belt/Pendant/Ring/Hat/Overall/Glove/Shoe/Cape.
    Papulatus quest line: Ludibrium Cape.
    Horntail: Dea Sidus Earrings, Horntail Necklace, Silver Blossom Ring.
    Dragon Rider Party Quest: Sirius Cape.
    Dimensional Party Quest: Dimension Gloves/High Quality Dimension Gloves.
    Shanghai: Hat/Overall, Mount.
    Stone Collosus quest line: Haflinger Expedition Badge, Kupo Rider Permanent Mount Coupon.
    Commerci quest line: Commerci Hat/Overall/Glove/Shoe/Cape/Shoulder/Belt.
    Commerci Party Quest: Sweetwater Hat/Overall/Glove/Boot/Cape. Coin shop has Eye Accessory/Face Accessory/Belt/Earring/Pendant/Shoulder.
    Gollux quest line: Cracked/Solid/Reinforced/Superior Pendant/Belt/Earring/Ring.
    Mu Lung Dojo: Hero's Gloves, Mu Gong's Gloves, So Gong's Gloves.
    Chaos Zakum: Enraged Zakum Helmet/Belt/Cape
    Chaos Horntail: Dea Sidus Earrings, Chaos Horntail Necklace, Silver Blossom Ring.
    Chaos Pink Bean: Chaos Pink Bean Hat/Suit, Chaos Black Bean Hat/Suit.
    Chaos Root Abyss: Chaos Queen's Tiara, Chaos Vellum's Helm, Chaos Von Bon Helmet, Chaos Pierre Hat, Queen's Tiara, Vellum's Helm, Von Bon Helmet, Pierre Hat.
    Tower of Oz: Ring of Restraint, Ultimatum Ring, Limit Ring, Health Cut Ring, Mana Cut Ring, Durability Ring, Critical Damage Ring, Critical Defense Ring, Critical Shift Ring, Stance Shift Ring, Totalling Ring, Level Jump S Ring, Weapon Jump S Ring, Swift Ring, Overdrive Ring, Reflective Ring, Cleansing Ring, Risk Taker Ring, Crisis HM Ring.
    Princess No boss: Princess No Brilliance.
    Alien Party Quest: VIP Belt/Earrings/Necklace/Ring/Dagger (STR). Coin shop sells Alien Fragment Hat/Ring/Necklace/Earrings/Belt.
    Exchange Quests

    Showa Town: Purple Bandana, Pink Bandana, Brown Work Gloves, Grey Work Gloves, Brown Adventurer Cape, Yellow Adventurer Cape.

    Valentines Event: Yellow/Red/White/Blue Valentine Rose.
    Maple Event: Maple Sword, Maple Soul Singer, Maple Shield.
    Super Summer Event: Sky Blue/Black/Green/Red/Purple Surfboard.
    Halloween Event: Talking Witch Hat, Broomstick.
    Burning Character Event: Frozen Hat/Overall/Cape/subweapon(only as Noblesse), Pet Snail. Fun Fact: the pet Snail you get only expires if it's in use. You can prolong its life if you put it away when you're not using it for looting.
    Philosopher Book: Breath of Divinty.
    Monster Drops

    Lith Harbor

    Blue Snail: Red Bandana.
    Red Snail: Brown Skullcap, Blue Bandana.
    Shroom: Black/Red/Yellow Headband, Brown Skullcap, Black/Blue Swimming Cap, Stolen Fence.
    Mano: Brown Skullcap, Red Swimming Cap, Red Bandana, Ice Jeans.


    Orange Mushroom: Black/Blue Headband, Brown/Green/Red Skullcap, Red Swimming Cap, White/Yellow Bandana, Work Gloves, Pan Lid.
    Cynical Orange Mushroom: White Gomushin.
    Green Mushroom: Green/Yellow Headband, Brown/Green/Red Skullcap, Black/Yellow/White Bandana, Jean Capris(Male).
    Horny Mushroom: Stolen Fence.
    Mushmom: Yellow Square, Crystal Flower Earrings.
    Blue Mushroom: Blue/Red/Yellow Headband, Brown/Green/Red Skullcap, Blue Swimming Cap, Black/Blue/Red Bandana, Old Wisconsin, Orange Sporty T-Shirt, Weighted Earrings, Work Gloves, Stolen Fence, Pan Lid.
    Crying Blue Mushroom: Weighted Earrings.
    Blue Mushmom: Black/Red Baseball Cap.
    Stone Golem: Black Bandana, Metal Gear, Yellow Baseball Cap.
    Dark Stone Golem: Black/Blue/Green/Red/Yellow Headband, Brown/Green/Red Skullcap, Blue/Red Swimming Cap, Black/Blue/Red/White/Yellow Bandana, Work Gloves, Jean Capris(Male), Black Magic Cape, Pan Lid, Long Sword, Hand Axe, Fruit Knife.
    Mixed Golem: Brown/Green/Red Skullcap, Black/Red Swimming Cap, Blue/Red/White/Yellow Bandana, Work Gloves, Jean Capris(Male), Pan Lid, Aluminum Baseball Bat.


    Slime: Black/Green Headband, Green Skullcap, Blue Swimming Cap, Red/Yellow Bandana, Orange Sporty T-Shirt(Male).
    Fairy: Green Skullcap, Red/Yellow Bandana, Fish Spear.
    Evil Eye: Cat's Eye, Brown Aroa Boots, Lollipop, Frying Pan.
    Curse Eye: Lollipop.
    Cold Eye: Yellow Starry Bandana.


    Jr. Boogie: Blue Swimming Cap, Work Gloves.
    Dark Stump: Black Headband, Smelly Gomushin, Fish Spear.
    Axe Stump: Black Baseball Cap, Green Aroa Boots, Wooden Baseball Bat, Lollipop, Frying Pan.
    Ghost Stump: Fish Spear.
    Smirking Ghost Stump: Red Baseball Cap.
    Stumpy: Red Starry Bandana, Red Whitebottom Boots, Frying Pan.
    Wild Boar: Sapphire Earrings.
    Terrified Wild Boar: Sapphire Earrings.
    Iron Boar: Emerald Earrings, Lightning Earrings, Pansy Earrings, Red Ankle-Strap Sandals.
    Wooden Mask: Warfare Pants, Pink Whitebottom Boots.
    Lord Skeleton: Korean Fan.

    Kerning City

    Stirge: Sandblasted Jeans.
    Jr. Wraith: Yellow Metal Gear.
    Wraith: Brown Baseball Cap, Cat's Eye, Red Whip.
    Shade: Ice Jeans, Fish Spear.
    Jr. Necki: Metal Gear.
    Ligator: Orange Whitebottom Boots.
    Croco: Metal Gear, Star Earrings, Red Cross Earrings, Brown Ankle-Strap Sandals, Hard Briefcase.
    Dyle: Ribboned Pig Headband, Red Whitebottom Boots.
    Muddy Swamp Monster: Sky Blue Starry Bandana, Ribboned Pig Headband, Star Earrings, Blue Whitebottom Boots.
    King Slime: Squishy Shoes.


    Pig: Green/Yellow Headband, Brown/Green/Red Skullcap, Black/Red Swimming Cap, Black/Blue/Red/Yellow Bandana, Jean Capris(Male).
    Ribbon Pig: Blue Headband, Brown/Green/Red Skullcap, Black/Red Bandana, Jean Capris(Male), Wooden Wand.
    Blue Ribbon Pig: Blue Headband, Brown/Green/Red Skullcap.


    Zombie Mushroom: Blue Baseball Cap.
    Annoyed Zombie Mushroom: Yellow Baseball Cap.
    Zombie Mushmom: Leather Purse, Lollipop, Black Gaia Cape, Pink-Flowered Earrings.
    Fire Drake: Red Gaia Cape.
    Wild Kargo: Red Magic Cape.
    Tauromacis: Blue Seraph Cape.
    Taurospear: Red Seraph Cape.


    Muru: Grey T-Shirt, Jean Capris(Male).
    Murupa: Leather Sandals, Red-Striped T-Shirt.
    Murupia: Black/Blue/Red Headband, Blue Swimming Cap, Black/Blue/Red Bandana, Blue One-Lined T-Shirt.
    Murumuru: Blue/Green/Red Headband, Red Skullcap, Blue/Red Swimming Cap, Black/Blue/Yellow Bandana.
    Murukun: Stolen Fence.


    Tino: White Bandana, Wooden Wand.
    Tiru: Stolen Fence.
    Tiguru: White Bandana.


    Potted Sprout: Blue/White Bandana, Razor.
    Potted Morning Glory: Green Skullcap, Red-Striped T-Shirt, Work Gloves.
    Grape Juice Bottle: Black/Blue/Green/Red/Yellow Headband, Brown/Green/Red Skullcap, Red Swiming Cap, Black/Blue/White/Yellow Bandana, Work Gloves, Black Gomushin, Pan Lid, Hardwood Wand.
    Patrol Robot: Black/Green/Red Headband, Red Swimming Cap, Black/Blue/Yellow Bandana, Jean Capris(Male).
    Strange Sign: Green/Yellow Headband, Fruit Knife.
    Serpent: Green/Yellow Headband, Blue Swimming Cap, Red/Yellow Bandana, Work Gloves, Ice Jeans, Stolen Fence.
    Water Thief Monster: Single Earring.
    Dust Box: Blue Bamboo Hat.
    Patrol Robot S: Red Whitebottom Boots.
    Baby Boulder Muncher: Red Sneakers.
    Big Boulder Muncher: Work Gloves.


    Sleepy Grobbler: Black/Blue/Green/Red/Yellow Headband, Green Skullcap, Black/Blue/Red Swimming Cap, Black/Blue/White/Yellow Bandana, Work Gloves, Jean Capris(Male), Stolen Fence, Pan Lid, Long Sword, Hand Axe, Double Axe, Frying Pan, Lollipop, Fish Spear, Wooden Wand, Fruit Knife.
    Alert Grobbler: Fish Spear.
    Amethyst Tokka: Plunger.
    Laloong: Fish Spear.
    Nefarious Monk Master: Aluminum Baseball Bat.

    Savage Terminal

    Hedgehog: Axe, Double Axe.
    Flame Waste: Lollipop.
    Scrap Iron Waste: Fish Spear.

    Fox Ridge

    Caterpillar: Black Headband, Red/Yellow Bandana.
    Lady Bug: Black/Green/Red/Yellow Headband, Green Skullcap, Black Swimming Cap, Black/Blue/Red/White/Yellow Bandana, Jean Capris(Male), Work Gloves, Stolen Fence, Pan Lid, Long Sword, Wooden Wand, Razor.
    Balloon Mouse: Wooden Wand.
    Fang Hyena: Fish Spear.


    Jr. Cellion: Cat's Eye, Work Gloves.
    Cellion: Red-Hearted Earrings.
    Jr. Grupin: Blue Moon.
    Grupin: Blue Moon, Crystal Flower Earrings.
    Dark Nependeath: Red Whip.

    El Nath

    Fire Sentinel: Korean Fan.
    Leatty: Sapphire Earrings.
    Dark Jr. Yeti: Holy Cross Earrings, Blue Magic Cape.
    Pepe: Black Gaia Cape.
    Dark Pepe: Black Magic Cape.
    Hector: Green Adventurer Cape.
    White Fang: Pink-Flowered Earrings, Blue Gaia Cape.
    Transformed Yeti: White Gaia Cape.
    Yeti: Crystal Flower Earrings, Gold Drop Earrings, Red Gaia Cape.
    Transformed Dark Yeti: Half Earrings.
    Dark Yeti: Metal Silver Earrings.
    Separated Pepe: Sapphire Earrings, White Gaia Cape.
    Snowman: Rose Earrings.
    Lycanthrope: Strawberry Earrings, White Seraph Cape.
    Coolie Zombie: Crystal Flower Earrings, Red Magic Cape.
    Miner Zombie: Pansy Earrings, White Magic Cape.
    Cerebes: Pink-Flowered Earrings, Metal Heart Earrings.
    Bain: Rose Earrings.

    Aqua Road

    Freezer: Skull Earrings.
    Seruf: Frozen Tuna.
    Squid: Gold Drop Earrings, Green Seraph Cape.
    Risell Squid: Rose Earrings.
    Goby: Purple Giles Cape, Black Giles Cape.
    Bone Fish: Rose Earrings, Black Seraph Cape.
    Shark: Rose Earrings.
    Cold Shark: Strawberry Earrings.


    Drumming Bunny: Red Whip.
    King Bloctopus: Blue Moon.
    Planey: Pansy Earrings.
    Block Golem: Pansy Earrings.
    King Block Golem: Red Whip.
    Toy Trojan: Sapphire Earrings.
    Tick: Pansy Earrings.
    Tick-Tock: Pansy Earrings.
    Soul Teddy: Pink-Flowered Earrings, Gold Drop Earrings, White Magic Cape.
    Buffy: Skull Earrings, Blue Magic Cape.
    Lazy Buffy: Metal Silver Earrings, Black Gaia Cape.
    Klock: Metal Silver Earrings, Half Earrings.
    Deep Buffoon: Half Earrings.
    Death Teddy: Black Seraph Cape.
    Dual Ghost Pirate: Metal Heart Earrings.
    Gatekeeper: Strawberry Earrings.
    Thanatos: Rose Earrings, Green Giles Cape.

    Elin Forest

    Tree Rod: Giant Potion Recipe.

    Korean Folk Town

    Moon Bunny: Blue Moon, Blue Napoleon.
    Samiho: Holy Cross Earrings.
    Morphed Blin: Black Magic Cape.
    Blue King Goblin: Half Earrings.
    Green King Goblin: Crystal Flower Earrings, Half Earrings.
    Yellow King Goblin: Blue Gaia Cape.

    Mu Lung

    Red Porky: Pansy Earrings.
    Blue Flower Serpent: Cat's Eye, Blue Napoleon.
    Grizzly: Holy Cross Earrings.
    Panda: Holy Cross Earrings, Blue Magic Cape.
    Peach Monkey: Blue Moon, White Magic Cape.
    Sage Cat: Pink-Flowered Earrings.

    Herb Town

    Ginseng Jar: White Napoleon, Red Whip.
    Bellflower Root: Crystal Flower Earrings.
    Giant Centipede: Red-Hearted Earrings.
    Kru: Metal Silver Earrings.
    Captain: Gold Drop Earrings, White Gaia Cape.


    Deo: Red-Hearted Earrings, Flaming Katana.
    Meerkat: Giant Potion Recipe.
    Desert Giant: Green Adventurer Cape.


    Triple Rumo: Pansy Earrings.
    Homun: Crystal Flower Earrings, Gold Drop Earrings, Red Gaia Cape.
    Homunculus: Green Giles Cape.
    Homunscullo: Green Giles Cape.
    Iron Mutae: Skull Earrings.
    Saitie: Metal Silver Earrings.


    Rash: Gold Half Earrings, White Gaia Cape.
    Dark Rash: Blue Seraph Cape.
    Hankie: Half Earrings, White Seraph Cape.
    Harp: Green Giles Cape.
    Blood Harp: Half Earrings, Black Seraph Cape.
    Dual Birk: Strawberry Earrings.
    Blue Kentaurus: Purple Giles Cape.
    Red Kentaurus: Half Earrings.
    Black Kentaurus: Strawberry Earrings.
    Nest Golem: Strawberry Earrings.
    Skelegon: Rose Earrings.

    Temple of Time

    Eye of Time: Red Seraph Cape.
    Qualm Monk Trainee: Strawberry Earrings.

    Twilight Perion
    Sinister Rocky Mask: Shaman Earrings.

    Mushroom Shrine

    Dreamy Ghost: White Justice Cape.
    Black Crow: Black Emerald Earrings.
    Blue Boogie: Work Gloves, Frying Pan.
    Red Boogie: Double Axe.

    Ninja Castle

    Kaede Genin: Sky Blue Starry Bandana, Pan Lid, Red Flowery Tube.
    Kaede Ashigaru: Bow-Tie (Green).
    Kaede Chunin: Dark Snowboard, Thermometer.
    Kaede Kunoichi: Bow-Tie (Pink).
    Kaede Jonin: Black Tube.
    Kaede Ninto: Japanese Map.
    Kaachuu Musha: Blue Giles Cape, Aluminum Bat, Bow-Tie (Black).

    Showa Town

    Yakuza Bruiser: Aluminum Baseball Bat, Hula Hoop.
    Yakuza Enforcer: Cat's Eye, Black Tube.
    Yakuza Soldier: Newspaper Hat.
    Yakuza Lieutenant: Newspaper Hat, Black Paint Brush.
    Yakuza Underboss: Yellow Snowshoes.
    Yakuza Boss: Black/White Magic Cape, Gold Emerald Earrings, Violet Snowshoes.


    Emo Slime: Pansy Earrings, White Napoleon.
    Oly Oly: Skull Earrings.
    Charmer: Sapphire Earrings.
    Scaredy Scarlion: Cat's Eye, White Magic Cape.
    Jester Scarlion: Blue Sneakers, Red Justice Cape.
    Yabber Doo: Half Earrings.
    Booper Scarlion: White Seraph Cape.
    Vikerola: Black Giles Cape.
    Item Crafting


    Work Gloves

    Accessory Crafting

    Level 40-130 Belts, Level 40-130 Earrings, Level 80-130 Face Accessories, Level 40-130 Rings, Level 100-140 Pendants.
    Raising an Orange Imp

    Swift Stirge Whip
    Swift Warrior Rose
    Frantic Stirge Whip
    Frantic Warrior Rose
    Enraged Stirge Whip
    Enraged Warrior Rose
    Honourable Mentions
    M-Forcer Helmet/Suit, Red Shower, Stone Shield, Palette Shield, Pink Adventurer Cape, Purple Adventurer Cape, Pink Gaia Cape, Purple Gaia Cape, Blackfist Cape, Fishing Pole, Raccoon Mask, White Raccoon Mask, Spectrum Goggles, Rat Mouth, Android Headgear/Vest/Legs/Gloves/Boots, Pig Illustrated, Pink Flower Tube (One-Handed Sword), Lunchbox, Mark of the Beta, Maple Bandana Blue, Independance Day Hat, Wild Eye's Gas Mask, Maple Treasure Set, Blue Donkey Balloon, Red Elephant Balloon, Evolution Ring, Cloud Robe, Talking Witch Hat, Mini Pumpkin Pointy Hat, Bugeyed Frog Hat, Skis, Green Christmas Sock, Glowing Whip, Luminous Heaven Dagger, Tree Branch Nose, Gold Richie's Handkerchief, Broomstick, Maple 1500 Anniv. Flag, Maple Umbrella, Tempest Set, Legendary Maple Scarf, Pinnicle Set, Revolution Set, Cyclops Eye, Toymaker Hammer, Wee Lightbulbs, Blood Snowboard, Hilla's Rage, Meister Ring.
    Mounts (Optional)

    There are 6 types of mounts. There are mounts with 140~190 Movement Speed and nothing else. Moving up from there, there are mounts with 140~190 Movement Speed plus either a Double Jump, Glide, Town Flight, or Soaring bonus.
    They recently introduced a line of hybrid mounts called Airships. They have a Double Jump and a Rapid Fire attack that fires a small light orb every half a second.
    At 120, a quest will become available in the light bulb icon to the left of your screen. The quest involves collecting items and requires 50mil mesos in order to obtain the Soaring ability. I will provide a list of mounts that are known to be able to Soar. Dragon, Knight Chariot, Cloud, Invisible Balrog, Balrog, Hot-Air Balloon, Pegasus, Nightmare, Owl, Magical Broom, Helicopter, Vellum, and Nadeshiko Fly High. If it's a mount that has the word 'Double' in the title, it cannot Soar.