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  • Justice For Hurricane Classes

    Edit: I would like to hear your halfway solution. I did not see a possibility in the halfway solution, and therefore because I did not believe it realistically exists, I choose the option that I believe has a chance of happening.

    Let's be real here. The possibility of either option happening is low to none. There's no precedent for either, there's been no word or mention of either. Campaigning for either is just silly, especially in this forum of all places.

    The only thing this thread accomplishes is just getting people upset for having a unpopular opinion.
  • shadowknight coins in the cash shop

  • An Open Letter to Global Maplestory Management

    They are also taking a really long time to fix the familiar system and gollux bugs. Seems like nexon employees are sitting on their butts enjoying the money from whales and cash shop updates instead of getting stuff done.

    There's clearly a lot wrong with the system. In this case, as much as my use inventory is crying right now, I'm glad that they're taking their time. I'd much rather them do that than re release a rushed and flawed product. Which I'm pretty sure is what happened with the initial release.
  • Insane HP on Gollux level 4

    Lucsean99 wrote: »
    If you were actually a loyal legit player with only 1 account to play Maplestory than i would expect a higher post count. Complainers on the forums are these realities
    - Kids/spamming making new accounts because they cant get their own ways 75% are these.
    - The actual cheaters that disappear after 1-2 posts, yet they have hefty knowledge and they want in change immediately. 10% are these since they will disappear
    - 15% of the player-base didn't want the change like the (storage pic).

    So lad how who you lay out a trap for hackers assuming your older enough?

    HEY OP you can gladly pm to prove my point.

    Hey man, i know you think being a super-old player gives you the right to do this, but harassing people like this isn't cool.


    Though in all honestly, if you have an issue with the op, take it up with the VFMs lucsean and keep it outta the thread. No one has to see your bad flamebait that way.

    Personally I think that the speed of the jaw's attacks need to be toned down. It's real tough on classes that don't have a tele/dash. It's one thing to have a boss be difficult, but increases the animations to the point where it's not possible to dodge is just artificially doing that. Personally I'd recommend slowing down the inhale attack, but increase the frequency, not speed mind you, of the hand attacks for jaw phase.
  • The Familiar Revamp and Reboot

    Gastero wrote: »
    The patch hasn’t even rolled out yet and so many important details are still unknown and yet people are already complaining about how crippled reboot is compared to reg server. We don’t know what the potentials look like, how big the differences are between level 5 and level 7 monsters in practice, how much familiar slot expansion coupons and red familiar cards cost in reg servers or what tier up rates are from unique to leg. If the max familiar level was 5 and max tier was unique, then no one from reboot would’ve complained about it, but only because higher tier/level exist in reg server (behind an unspecified paywall), players from reboot want it too somewhere in an NPC shop. Looking at bigger picture, like what AKradian was saying, reg server has more features compared to reboot server, but many things are a lot more difficult to obtain without spending money. This update fits in that picture.

    They're literally locked out of a potential tier. They cannot reroll potentials. They cannot expand the slots of the codex. They cannot hit the max level on their familiars.

    If that's not enough reason to complain, then I'm not sure what to tell you. They're being locked out of content that they should, by all means have. Jms did not have this issue, and there's not much reason why Gms should be screwing Reboot so hard on this. I don't even play Reboot but it's clear as day as to why this is an issue.

    As the system is currently, if they get a familiar to unique, but the pot is bad, they actually have to start from scratch with a new familiar. Again, I really hope you can see what's wrong with that.

    If you have an actual reason as to why Reboot should receive such reduced systems, I'd be glad to hear it. Or if you'd like to clue the rest of us in on what these, "So many important details that are still unknown" are, that'd be great.