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  • merging of paid servers

    Haha, that's so true! how come there are some (very few people) out there who wants to be alone in a dead world even though it's MMORPG?
    That doesn't make any sense! but what's even more crazier is that this minority trying to force the majority NOT to merge all the paid servers.

    Nexon please merge all paid servers!

    You do realize that this game is a massively multiplayer online game, what does it mean? let me explain it to you, it means that we must have as many people as possible, in other words, merge all paid servers.

    Listen, it's not a bad thing to want the populations to be higher/be in a server that has a higher population. What is a bad thing is forcing everyone into an overfilled laggy server as an obtuse way to get into Bera and calling anyone that disagrees with you a "minority".

    Merging every reg server into one is going too far in the other direction in the population spectrum, it'd be unhealthy in a different way. It's ridiculous to assume that no problems would arise from such an action, and that every problem would be magically solved. The sheer amount of bots that would amass in one singular server would be immense, that reason alone should be enough of a deterrent for combining every server.

    Personally I agree with how careful Nexon's been with merges. After the debacle that was the Bera bandwagon, it's clear they don't trust players to make smart decisions in this area. After looking through this thread, and others like it, I don't blame them.
  • The Familiar Revamp and Reboot

    I agree with this post completely. There's not much reason to shaft Reboot so hard on this revamp. You don't need to be a Reboot player to understand that this is kind of messed up. Locking them out of an entire tier of familiar potential is massive, I don't understand why the team reached the conclusion that it was necessary to do. Furthermore, not allowing those in Reboot to expand the amount of slots for familiars is another very curious decision. At best it's a very poor quality of life decision, and I don't understand why limiting the slots one can have in Reboot would balance it in any way.

    Overall a lot of the decisions made seem to lack direction, it's a strange decision to me for gms to make yet another version of the familiar revamp when it's already taking so much from Jms/Tms's versions. I also question why there were so many decisions made to spite Reboot. I hope that this thread encourages Gms to reconsider some of the choices they've made regarding the revamp and the adverse exceptions in Reboot.

    Lastly, on a more personal note, I really hope that the drop rate of the familiar cards is made to be that of Jms's version. I was very much looking forward to collecting familiars with the increased drop rate. I understand that this change is still under consideration, but I feel that the increased drop rate is integral to the system as a whole.
    A: Drop rates of Familiar cards will not change with this update for now.

    Please don't let the "for now" in that comment be the same "for now" as we've seen in other places like Cwkpq or custom avatars for the forums
  • Solution To World Leap/Merge

    Unemployed wrote: »
    No it's not lol, the point of this event is to give everybody a chance to leap and my solution limits the mass immigration to popular servers.
    There was JUST a merge, they are not gonna be alliances/more merges soon. This event could be beneficial.

    Exactly, there was just a merge. Why would they jeopardize their control over the populations in each server by allowing another transfer? After the debacle that was the Bera bandwagon, I can't imagine they're very keen on having another one anytime soon.

    "2. Mass immigration to Bera is stopped because the transfer is limited to one character. This reduces the number of characters transferred and will solve overcrowding."

    Do you really think that if someone were to move their main to a server, they'd stick around and play with their mules in the other server? No. All that does is just require them to completely restart legion and links. It's like you're looking at the characters themselves being the ones overcrowding, instead of the person that's playing them. Only moving "one" character solves nothing if the player is only playing said character.

    "4. The population of smaller worlds such as Scania, Elysium and Aurora will stay in tact. Players who choose to play less crowded worlds do it by choice and will continue playing for that reason."

    No. They won't. Your idea is just a bad QoL world transfer. If someone moves their main to another server, they're not going to do it with the intent to stick around in both servers. All your idea would do is kill off the lesser populated servers once again, and force people to restart legion and link skills.

    Overall it's clear that you don't have an understanding of how world transfers work population wise. Moving only one character solves absolutely none of the problems world transfers have in the first place, and creates new issues of its own.
  • The problem with current MS discord server

    As a regular in this discord I take one large issue with this: You have an expectation that those in the discord are obligated to answer questions. While a lot of people in there don't mind (including me), taking the advice and answers we provide for granted rubs me the wrong way. Idk why you've blocked so many people, especially Barc, Ave, and Izzy, three of the most helpful people on that server by far.

    Perhaps instead of trashing the server and burning your bridges even more than you already have, you should take a good look at yourself, and stop pressing that "block" button like your life depends on it.
  • Enough is Enough

    I find absolutely nothing wrong about this thread or the OP posting this thread. Look, if you do not appreciate a thread, just ignore and/or don't put down some kind of hateful comment to trigger more people getting upset for no reason. And, if you really cannot hold in your emotions or feelings, or perhaps there really is something wrong with this thread, just report it somehow. Still, no need to put down some unnecessary hateful comment. If you are simply looking to trigger people's emotions or to flame a thread, stop it this very instant. Thank you. My god.

    Frankly, if you don't see the issue with this thread, you're part of the problem. Also, turns out, people on the internet have opinions, who'd've thought. Your alternative to someone having a differing opinion is to "report" the thread? I hate the term special snowflake, but there's not any better way to describe this. Bashing on people for disagreeing with the OP is just ridiculous.

    Maintenances are the solution, not the problem.