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June 5, 1999
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A smile is a gift you can give everyday
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Just a guy that likes maple =3
  • Black Mage Legion Application - Contest

    Hello, oh Great One, my name is Knox the Disruptor. I hail from the dark region you all refer to as, err, Friendstory. I have come here to join the ranks of your commanders, with me on your side we will annihilate those wicked humans.
    So you want to know more about me? Even though I’m clearly the best choice for the job? Fine then, but this information of unending sadness, grief, and agony may prove too much for even your mind, Black mage! I have shaggy black hair, of course. My skin is white, and pale as the moon. My grey eyes are gaunt, the sorrow I hide within them cannot be contained.
    I wear a long sleeve gray shirt, covered by a button up black shirt, which I always wear unbuttoned. My black jeans and shoes are a rival for your own black robe. Ah, this ripped white scarf I wear? I keep it to remind me of who I used to be before I was enlightened with true power.
    What? That wasn’t enough for you to take me as a commander? Fine, this information should be more than sufficient. My favorite food is squid ink pasta (the color makes it taste better). I spend my free time by plotting the best way to destroy the world. Every year I visit the cemetery to honor the woman who I had once loved.
    You want to know more about her? Well that requires me to tell you my deep and dark backstory, full of unending grief! Sadness! And Agony!

    It was four years ago, It had been a day like any any other, I was walking my ferocious and fierce watchdog…Waffles, when countless streaks of darkness flew through the sky. I watched with a mixture of terror and fascination when one of them collided into me. The agony was unbearable as something changed within me, the darkness kept building, and building, until it exploded.
    My poor furry companion was destroyed immediately, the first step into my path of unending sadness! Grief! And agony! But then, the darkness gave me a gift, though I did not see it as one. A shock wave ran through the entire city block, and immediately it began to melt. Not from heat, make no mistake, I had been gifted the ability to change the state of matter, but what was more is I found that I was able to control what I changed.
    Though the loss of Waffles had been great, I tried to push on, and in my naivete I tried to become a hero. All of my heroics were met with nothing but disaster, and despite my good intentions, I was labeled a villain. All of my loved ones abandoned me, calling me a monster, except one. My betrothed, the only one who believed my intentions, the one who never lost faith in me.
    She should have.
    Before long my name became widespread, I was hunted, and because my betrothed allied herself with me, so was she. That fateful day soon came, a group of people kidnapped her and held her as a hostage. Their terms? My demise. Only when I went to the location they had specified did I see they hadn’t had any intention of keeping her alive.
    My grief was all consuming, and I became the monster they believed I was. They had no chance. I melted the very ground beneath their feet, I made sure their end was slow. And when I left, the area was unrecognizable. Everything twisted and deformed in unnatural ways, it was then that I resolved to end humanity, the same humanity that hunted me as a beast.

    That is why I am here. I am willing to destroy whatever you desire without question, whenever you want me to, I understand that your plans take time. I will be patient until my time comes, but know that when it does I will be without mercy, and I will not hold back against your enemies. I swear eternal loyalty to you, oh Great One.
  • Create a 5th job skill!

    After a year since this was made it's kind of funny to see that a lot of the skills in this thread would be considered under powered.

    Here's another BaM skill I guess.

    Skill name: Aura Scatter
    Description: randomly send out your auras to your party members. Party members that receive the aura benefit from both the passive and active effects of the given aura. Party members that receive an aura can also buff other party members.
    Duration: 60 seconds
    Cooldown: 90 seconds
  • What is your favorite Class you have played?

    If my name is an indicator, I'm a big fan of BaM. Love telecasting, love the aesthetics, it's a really smooth class to play.

    Outside of BaM I like DrK and Evan a lot. I'll also just mess around on my Aran for fun occasionally. Kinesis and DS are another two I'm a fan of.
  • We all want a merge

    I see the forums are still incredibly friendly and fun.

    I don't understand this mentality of "Our way or the highway". When it's entirely simple enough to let players choose through world transfer events. The solution I believe that would make everyone happy, is announcing which worlds will be merged/allianced with the more populated ones like Bera, and allow players to transfer to worlds accordingly. Don't want to be crammed in with the Berans? Move to a world that won't be allianced with them, and vice versa.

    Of course if they could make the transition of moving worlds easier, that'd in turn make this entire process and issue far easier.
  • Suggestions for Illium

    Also, to add onto the post:

    Remove the cooldown on Glory wing's javelin. This cooldown prevents attack speed from affecting it, which in turn hurts glory wing's dps unnecessarily.