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June 5, 1999
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Just a guy that likes maple =3
  • Suggestions for Illium

    After playing Illium I think he could be a lot more polished. There's so much micro management, most of which frankly just isn't fair in reference to the bless marks. I think Illium has so much more potential than what he has right now.
    • The umbra marks should be inflicted on more than just the Reaction: Domination skill, and the Glory Wings skill.
    • The reaction skills should have a 4th job enhancement. There should be 3 attacks on Reaction: Destruction, and a boost to both range and damage increase on Reaction: Domination in 4th job.
    • The bless marks should have a much longer duration, and shouldn't go down when you're hit. It's impossible to upkeep the stacks unless you constantly spam Craft: Orb.
    • The crystals skills should activate every time their milestone is hit. EX Vortex of light is usable at 30, 60, 90, etc. Harmony link at 60, 120.
    • Fast Charge should have a cd of 60 seconds, and the added effect of instantly giving 30 stacks.
    • Crystal charge mastery at third job should increase the stack given by reactions: Javelin increased to 2, Orb to 3.
    • 4th job charge mastery should increase the stack of Javelin to 3, orb to 4, and Longinus by 5.
    • Glory wings' javelin should also bounce off of enemies, and your orb.
    • The duration of both Ex and Machina should be increased.
    • Allow the player to move the orb while reaction skills are occurring. When moving the orb during a reaction skill, the reaction will remain in the place the orb was originally.
    • Increase Celestial Protection's duration to 10 seconds, and remove the duration's dependence on the number of Bless marks.

      Probably more of a bug, but allow players to fly diagonally upwards to the right. (Currently you can only go right or up, but not at the same time. But you can when flying to the left)
  • Feedback: Maple Athenaeum Ep. 4 “Winter Bard”

    It was definitely a great story, most of my guildmates think the same way.

    The only thing that I didn't exactly like was that the drop rate for some of the quests was super low for not much reason, same way with some of the spawn rates the monsters had.

    But I loved that we finally got some more lore on what was an otherwise information-less part of the story. If I had to rank the stories, I would rank Winter Bard first, White mage second, Empress in training third, and the Black Witch last.
  • Favorite Class in MapleStory?

    If you can't tell from my name, my favorite class is Battle Mage, with Dark Knight and Evan close behind.
  • Is Breakthough going to be extended?

    I found the breakthrough event pretty easy. And I even clutched it the last day. I will say that it was unfortunate that Nexon didn't reveal the 200 event for Cadena and Illium, but even I knew that it was silly to try finishing the event on the last day. Not to mention there's always maintenances on Wednesday. I personally find it hard to believe that you didn't have enough time throughout the entire course of the event. Even just an hour or two a day could get you to 200, and if you didn't have enough time to do that, I'm not sure why you attempted it in the first place.
  • Someone explain this.

    I'm honestly confused about this thread. Why are you complaining about event rewards? Yeah I'll agree that there's usually too many events this time of year, and it's hard to keep up, but no one's forcing you to do them. Even if you don't get to 200, you'll still be able to get some nice rewards.