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  • Hekaton Reintroduction?

    Absolutely. This should've happened years ago. If stability is an issue, reduce the max amount of people, make it like Ursus. Kritias is incomplete until we get Hekaton, and now we have the reasons of lore itself to add Hekaton.
  • Let's Talk... Recent Events with Kanna

    엘소드 wrote: »
    Hackers use Kannas to farm mesos. The community understands that but why not be clear/transparent to the community about a simple step? instead of saying oh we ban 1000+ Kannas a day, how many Kannas people's bans gets overturned?

    Give us a number, is this too much to compromised the security of the system?

    Issue here isn't really that Kannas are getting banned. Its that people are getting falsely banned and given copypastaed while nexon just saying they are right. All you need to do is to prove it to us you are overturning and saying sorry we fucked up here. Give us the live chat logs where GM says oh I've looked at your account we made a mistake, give us the email logs where GM says our Investigations team looked at the allegations and we've made a mistake. Redact names servers if you have to.

    EDIT: to clarify for Nexon. To err is human, system/people mess up is normal and its okay we get that, But all the overturning of false positives seems to be community becoming the advocate for the individual. You the company should be the biggest advocate for the legit players not the community.

    Uh... seems like you can't read.
    There are no overturned bans, because every ban that was handed out for Kannas is legit. Arwoo's post even mentions how they're carefully reviewing each case prior to making a decision to ban or not because of previous false bans.

    Sorry, but those people that are complaining about being innocent are lying (also covered in the OP)

    No, there are some legit Kanna's out there. Someone released videos from characters start to character banned. It's proof that there's legit Kanna players lumped into the mix. It's not okay to lump every banned Kanna into botters/hackers. I'm not saying to not be suspicious, but there's no feasible way to know that there aren't legits mixed in with the illegits.
  • [Announcement] Regarding Kanna's Haku's Blessing

    DeeMon wrote: »
    PuppyMango wrote: »
    DeeMon wrote: »
    Rennn wrote: »
    DeeMon wrote: »
    Rennn wrote: »
    DeeMon wrote: »
    Doesn't even matter, Kanna was always a mob spawn slave.

    You know, it's funny. Why was I the only one complaining about Hayato's Hitokiri Strike - Cooldown Cutter, yet so many other people are complaining about this Kanna nerf? Now all you Kanna mains feel the pain. It's well deserved. Yes, might as well commit sepukku and move onto something else, not another class in MapleStory, but another game. nexon is just making all these changes so you can waste more money to get "strong" again.

    Go cry about your Hitokiri Strike elsewhere. Aren't Hayatos strong enough already even with their nerfs? I mean, even friends of mine still mained it after what happened to them. It's by no means deserved when Kannas don't even do a lot of damage before Tune Up.

    I do agree that the only winning move is to move on to another game though.

    I don't care about how strong Hayato is, but this cooldown on my favorite skill is bullbull. Hayato is just not fun to play anymore.
    Meanwhile everyone here who still plays is too obsessed with numbers because hardcore nerds. It's like nobody cares about playstyle anymore, it's only numbers now, that's the only thing I see in this thread that people are complaining about.

    Because that's what this Kanna nerf is all about? And the numbers are what affects Kanna's ability to boss, do dailies etc.? Seriously, cry about your Hitokiri Strike elsewhere, you're going off-topic in this thread. And you can go roll a new class if you care about playstyle that much and think Hayato is not fun because of your beloved Hitokiri Strike.

    No, every single class is boring now because nexon keeps doing shitty changes. And nothing changed for Kanna, it still plays the same. I don't know why so many people are crying about numbers.
    All you nerds can just go read another nerd's dps chart and play the top class if y'all care about numbers. Mob spawn slave does not need numbers.

    If you call kannas "mob spawn slaves" then you have zero understanding about kanna class. There are significant amount of people who main kanna and we main & some fund it as serious as other people main other classes. Please respect that and mind your word.

    This nerf is not just about numbers. Two patches ago, we were more balanced and competitive with other mage classes and now we are no where near 'weak', we are super weak. Lets ask nexon to reduce your hayato buffed range by 60%-70% and you become so difficult and depressed to kill bosses, do dream defenders, dojo, grinding, and no party wants you in it because you are weak and useless. (Oh wait! all your playstyle are still the same, yay you!). Lets see if you think numbers don't matter..

    From your quote - You know, it's funny. Why was I the only one complaining about Hayato's Hitokiri Strike - Like Rennn said, you are in the wrong thread. Go elsewhere crying about your hayato problem.

    You don't get it, do you? I don't care about numbers and damage and bosses and all that crap, I don't even know what that useless dream defender thing is for. Dojo is for competitive nerds to show off their dpm and how much money they wasted. Grinding is not a problem for me anymore since I'm done with leveling. I don't know why anyone would party with a Hayato, you got me there. I absolutely don't really care about nerfs to damage and numbers and that sort of crap.
    But when nexon nerfed Hitokiri Strike - Cooldown Cutter, it completely destroyed the playstyle that I once liked. I can't dash and slash the crap out of mobs anymore, I have to wait a goddamn **** minute every time now.
    nexon didn't change Kanna's playstyle at all, so I don't know why you and everyone else in this thread are still complaining. It's always about numbers, isn't it? You even said "some fund it as serious as other people main other classes". So go waste more money on garbage.

    That's great, but go to another thread for talk/suggestions about hayatos AND FOR THE LOVE OF MAPLE USE SPOILERS.
  • Think About This when Cheating Online Games

    I suppose we'll have to agree to disagree, because I don't think either of us are understanding what the other is trying to say. Fun debate though.
  • Jett gaussfield Weapons

    Only up to 2nd job it gives that weapon. I believe they removed it a while back.
    That or you have to do the storyline.

    You have to finish the storyline for the 4th advancement, so I believe it's the former.