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  • Safe to farm with kanna yet?

    Perma wrote: »
    Perma wrote: »
    Invulgo wrote: »
    At the moment the team is double checking to make sure none of the rules set could conflict with legit players. However I was told that no legit Kanna players have been able to trigger an autoban intentionally. So It's totally up to you guys if you want to believe what other players have been writing online regarding this topic.

    So it's mostly botters getting banned then? There WERE a lot of Kanna botters running around before this, so it would make sense. Still, I'm probably going to wait awhile before leveling my Kanna regardless.

    No, it's legits too. [Removed]

    Not even close. Don't take it out on the volunteers.

    Considering he had to remove it because it's the harsh truth I'd say it's pretty on point. Sadly, Nexon most likely won't do anything about this unless some high profile people (top players) have their Kannas get hit with it, as that's how it's been in the past with similar issues.

    Harsh truth? You really don't understand the issue at hand.

    First off you don't know the reason why it was removed. Second, I'm willing to bet 95% of the kanna's banned will have been hackers. The issue with the Kanna banning is that there isn't a way for any of us to know who's hacking and who isn't. Thirdly, because of #2 it makes it very hard for Nexon to find and unban legit players because of the the illegitimates trying to get unbanned. They're already working on it.

    I'm not a big fan of Nexon's work, or how they go about things, but I'm even less of a fan of those making gross assumptions.
  • Allow World Leap into Windia

    I can understand if Nexon didn't listen if no one was posting, but clearly this is a big issue for many people. This is an egregious error on Nexon's part. This is possibly one of the worst decision Nexon's made, which is saying something. It's honestly hard to say anything I'm at such a loss for words. I've been a player for a long time, I've seen the hills and valleys, and this is certainly a valley.

    I've said this before, and I'll say it again. If you make large decisions against the players choices, you MUST explain further about why you came to the decision that you did.
  • Sharing Familiars

    If this becomes a thing, there needs to be some drawback from sharing it with other characters. Like if we add onto MrGoomba's idea of giving them to other characters, but with a meso fee (or maybe reward points).
  • Make 8000 the new 10000

    Ivangold wrote: »

    If there needs to be something to balance the lower level requirements, why not increase the amount of coins needed for each level? It would increase the time to get to higher ranks, but it wouldn't be such a hard hill to climb. Furthermore, getting characters to 250 would still help the legion through more damage and larger grid pieces. It would also keep the competition up for the best legion in the rankings.

    I didn't undurstand this ''increase the amount of coins need for each level'', yes Union seens impossible to get 10000, but you need remember that you can already get most with 8000, they problably made this huge gap(like Dojo) so when they make lv250 easyer and maybe even lv300 you can actually get 10000.

    Yes, you can get most of the benefits with 8000, that I won't deny. But I don't think assuming that Nexon will make getting to 250 easier, which I doubt will really make much difference when making 40 250's, is a solid approach to this issue. Besides, with this idea, the dojo-esk competition remains through the weekly coin rankings.

    What I meant by raising the amount of coins for each level is well, exactly as it sounds (unless I'm missing something). Raising the amount of coins needed to raise the legion level. This would be a way of accounting for the coins that would've been used in leveling up the legion from 8000~10000.

    The legion system isn't designed to be maxed out. The highest rank is a throwaway for the noli-- seriously commited. It's perfectly fine that the highest rank isn't really attainable. Free damage is free damage. Your complaint could be summed up that you can't get even more free damage out of a free damage system.

    Look, I'm not trying to be greedy, or spoiled here. I don't care about the stats that I'll be missing out on by not getting to the max legion level. Though if you view getting characters to 250 as "free damage" I doubt we'll be able to agree on much of anything. My point is that because the legion "Isn't designed to be maxed out", people are missing out on benefits for that exact reason. If the highest rank is a throwaway, why is it even there?
  • Do you enjoy the Jett revamp?

    I think what Jett's sorely lacking is an attack apart from the starline skills. Unless you're able to one shot mobs, starline 3 and 4 aren't very good options. There are alternatives, but it feels like there's something lacking with the class as a whole. Perhaps it's just me, but I can't get past having a dash attack as the main attacking skill, especially with the endlag it has. Anytime the main attacking/mobbing skill of a class isn't a viable attack option means that something's up.

    Starfall is cool and all, but frankly it's boring to spam an fma. Cosmic upheaval is probably one of the saving graces of Jett. It, paired with fallings stars and vortex cross were the reasons why I got through 3rd job.