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  • Please keep the card event

    Now obviously I'm not asking for the winter card event in the way that it is. It's clear op and intended as a temporary event, but it makes grinding fun and I would appreciate a similar feature be added to maple.
  • lets all say here what we want to see in GMS

    Bonus Potentials are still a pay to win system. Please make is so we can earn them, like cubes that we can craft and drop from bosses + reward shop. doesn't even need to be big, something small could add up and really help the F2P base.
  • World transfer made me vomit

    Strictly speaking, I was not prepared to transfer worlds, but when my guild decided to go, I had to follow.

    Now I don't play MapleStory for the bosses or the grind, I play it to dress up. And as such, on my only main, I had an exuberant amount of cash items. And since I don't need a different class to dress up, I never made classes to pass my equips to. So to fill my entire inventory up, I had to drop my equips, I had to drop medals, I had to drop items from completing old quests/events. And every moment was sickening. When I finished triple checking, I got up and threw up before I clicked the transfer button. The stress of not heing able to transfer everything, be it money spent on it or earned via hard work, was too much. Even now, when I look at the game, I start to feel nauseous from this egregious moment.

    The worst part of this all is that none of it was forced onto me. I didn't have to neuter my characters, but I did because I had to. I had to personally volunteer to kill my own creation, my hard work and years of dedication, because I had no choice. I don't know if I can look forward to bera as hope when it's given me this trouble. And when I look back, I'll see this terrible moment for when it happened.