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  • How??? Just HOW?????

    In KMS, about 5 months ago, 1+1 starforce event had a bug where glove's attack increase upon starforcing doesn't drop, when the starforce fails. They ended up creating monster gloves with +70 attack or above on the gloves with this bug. They shut the starforce, transfer hammer, and etc were disabled for some time to fix this issue.

    5 months later, GMS had exact same 1+1 starforce event, and guess what.......

    THEY ALSO HAD EXACTLY THE SAME BUG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    How???? Just HOW????????
    You guys have 5......FIVE MONTHS to prep for this kind of thing. You guys really just ctrl c+ ctrl v the bugged event code from KMS into GMS?!!!
    I'm just loss for words how this could possibly have happened. This was a huge bug in KMS, and GMS, which is about 6 months behind the all KMS events, ends up having the SAME PROBLEM!!!!! Wow.....just wow. I can be [redacted] harvard lawyer and I still wouldn't be able to shield this XD
  • Plz don't bring this patch from KMS

    KMS had a patch couple months ago, where lantern erdas in cave of repose will no longer drop nodestones. They did this to deal with the players using auto macro keyboard to collect nodestones.

    For the love of God, please. Please please dont bri ng this patch to GMS.
    First of all, we dont have problem with macro players in GMS. We have problem with hacking/ vac hacking players in GMS. And it's already a lost fight. They will not be affected by patch like this since they're just vac mobbing in maps like rage/sorrow or joy/sorrow.
    Second, GMS nodestones dropped from mobs are only tradable between same account, not to others. Only crafted nodestones are tradable, whereas KMS' dropped nodestones r completely tradable. So there's no point of having this patch in GMS.
    I know this goes against your nature, but please. Please be considerate of legit players, who are already having hard enough time enhancing their nodes
  • Izanami Poll

    The boss design looks sick though. They should just go ahead and make her into new mid-tier boss. Without permadeath or character deletion stuff ofc
  • Why is Bera so active and YET so dead?

    NicholasB wrote: »
    Goes to show hackers and bots make up a large portion of the population.

    I'd say about 60%, no, even 70% to be honest, 3rd thought, 75%-80%.
    yea i would say 50-60% of the population are botters

    also wanted to say a botter stole my map, was training and minding my own business then he came outta nowhere and brought all the monsters to him


    No, it's not 50-60% of the population are botters, it's at least 70% I'd say, even 75% maybe, and yes Nexon will never get rid of them, zehahahahahaha

    no doubt zehahahaha!!

    I don't get it though, why Nexon won't take action and take those hackers down? or at least most of them, or maybe just half of them.

    They just told you why. 60-70% of player base are hacker/botters. Why on earth would Nexon want 60-70% of their player base to disappear? So those 30% lowly legit players can enjoy the game? Are you crazy or something?
  • Why is Bera so active and YET so dead?

    Sanjay wrote: »
    Gomenasai wrote: »
    Sanjay wrote: »
    You all need to stop pulling numbers out of nowhere which you have no proof of to back your claims. (Im not saying that its not an issue, but dont make claims such as 70% are bottors when its just an assumption, then say so)

    However I will say Bera after the world transfer got a major boost in population (noticeably) You might be on during times of school which is far less active than say after reset when people come on to do dailies/train and such.

    I'm disagree with you.

    Alantin has a point, I also barely see people around (I'm in Bera as well) and yet, it shows the game is actually active, and that makes no sense.

    Now if we don't see people around, and yet the game is "active", how is that make sense? it means that, at least (probably more for sure) 50% are botters.
    We don't really pulling numbers out of nowhere, we looked at the reality, unlike you. I ain't being blind.

    And this reality is the biggest proof ever, because you can not deny the reality.

    Yes, after the world transfer, Bera did get a major boost in population, but that's including all the botters who decided to come to Bera in order to bot 24/7 (farm mesos) and sell it, and again, while everyone are busy in real life, college, work, etc, they can not log on for too long and yet, the only ones who can stay 24/7 online are the botters :)

    This is a very simple logic, if you do not understand/agree this then you have a problem sir (probably ego/pride, or in other words the "I am always right" problem, which is the same thing basically, or could be another problem).

    Also, I'm from Canada, and I'm online quite a lot, especially at the time when everyone are online, including holidays of course.

    Speaking of college, I'm busy in real life right now, so please do not quote me at all, I will not see your message anyway.

    Have a lovely day sir :)

    No worries if you do not see this post, but really no need to bash me of being blind, or having an ego problem, both of which I can determine to be false, so rather than stating your point and washing your hands and being done with is very immature from my eyes. (more so of flame bait and trying for aggravation)

    I never stated that there was NOT a problem of botters, (nor am I denying reality) I agree there are botters, tons, way more than it should be. There has ALWAYS been an issue with botters affecting the game, look at the game economy, a state which has been caused by botters. (Again I am not denying reality as you say, nor blind)
    However that doesn't justify a numerical percentage which was being spewed out (60/70/80..) you nor I or anyone else other than potentially Nexon can have data to even confirm that. (which was my sole point in which you have seem to taken quite personal for a reason I cant understand :/)

    regardless if you do happen to see this, and want to respond, I kindly welcome you do so.

    Lol ignore this little dipshat. This guy is so egotistic that he actually felt the need to message me and ask "why are you bashing nexon"?
    The fact that so many people on the forum complaining about how frequently they're seeing hackers every time they play this game kinda gives you a good sense of ballpark percentage of hackers in this game. But nooooooooo unless you know for certainty and have actual data, it's all just a bs and no one can bash nexon.