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  • Why no check point on B1?

    Seriously why Nexon? Just why?
    They knew that players were angry about this **** the last event, so they put checkpoints on B4-B2, but they didn't on B1.
    They put the same tedious busy work just like the last time. No one sane likes this kind of game, where you auto go back to the starting point when you **** up and have to start all over again. Can't we just have a nice fun little event that everyone can relax and enjoy, rather than events that make players do stuff that makes them want to rage quit?? Why are you guys trying so hard to be like Dark Soul?

  • Can't proceed through Step up due to dead PQ

    I'm in Scania and at the point of Nett's Pyramid PQ for Step up event. But not a single party shows up on party search. How do I get through this? Damn, wish they would lower the number of players needed for pq. They do know that 90% of the servers are dead ghost town right? Why did they have to make PQ quest for step up event anyway. So dumb
  • The Difference between GMS and KMS

    AK712 wrote: »
    There's been a lot of compare-and-contrast between GMS and KMS for quite a while. KMS is apparently close to Mapler's "heaven on earth", whereas GMS is compared to "a trash dump".

    This view has especially been common for disputes about hacking, and ways to get rid of it. Many say that GMS has far more hackers than KMS, and so many point the finger at Nexon America as the reason.

    But has anyone ever thought that maybe, JUST MAYBE, the differences between GMS and KMS is due to the country, not Nexon America?

    In the US and Europe, the top values are "independence" and "freedom". We love being able to say and do whatever we want, whenever we want. In the US, we have the Constitution telling us that we have a right to "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness", and the Bill of Rights telling us just how much freedom we have. We don't care what others say and do, as long as they don't affect us. It's a "hands-off"-style mindset.

    South Korea, on the other hand, derives from a Confucius-style of values - loyalty, honor, honesty, etc.. "Independence" isn't a value to them - it's absurd. They believe that the family is extremely important, and that your life is more your family's than your own. Dishonoring your family in any way is treated as a crime.

    Now tell me, which do you think would create more hackers and botters - "I can do what I want, when I want" or "I never want to dishonor myself or my family"? "I am my own person", or "I am my family and community"?

    That's the main difference between GMS and KMS - a completely different set of values and expectations, due to the differences in the history of each country/countries where they are located. It's hard to create a good community in countries where "independence" and "freedom" take precedence over the welfare of the community.

    So I think it's time we stopped pointing the finger at Nexon America for "being the problem." While it's certainly true botting and hacking could be handled better, in our age of technology where pretty much anything is possible, not even the Pentagon is safe (Wikileaks, anyone?). The problem is in countries and their values, and the consequences of such values. Hasn't our current situation proved the US is messed up?

    And let's not forget that KMS and GMS share code. If KMS had this magical catch-all for hackers and botters, you can be assured it would have been here years ago.


    lol no dude. Just no.
    The reason why hacking is not as frequent in KMS is because KMS requires you to provide your social security number in order to create an account. As korean myself, thinking KMS doesn't have many hackers because we have "different values" is some pseudo-intellectual bs XD. You do realize korea had the most number of hackers in Overwatch right? It's because korea has PC cafe, where the game is playable for free and didn't require social security to create an extra account. Blizzard quickly responded to this hacking problem by requiring korean region to provide social security number in order to make an account, which quickly dropped the number of hackers by a lot. You really think kid gamers on the internet, who apparently fuked each others' moms, give a milligram of crap about "values"? lol. There's no values involved in hacking games. If players can do it easily, get away with it, and have little to zero consequences, a lot of hackers and botters will pop no matter where they're from. The reason why majority of players don't hack/bot is because companies set up security measurements that make hacking/botting very difficult for average players. Nexon America, on the other hand, hasn't done anything about botting/hacking for years and all their actions have led to disasters like recent Kanna bans. So no, it's not time to stop pointing the finger at NX America, because they sure as hell deserve it.
  • What they forgot to tell you on Nova Sugar Box

    From Nova Sugar Boxes, you will be able to get one of these items with corresponding chances
    *500 Reward points- 99.1%
    *Magnificent Lucid Soul-0.3%
    *Fairy Flight Full Package Coupon-0.3%
    *Maple Points-0.3%
  • Perm lvl 10 wep

    I just found out Tot's To Know gives you new chain weapons.
    Except for lv20 tot quest, all the Tot's quest give chain weapons with corresponding level.
    I opened lv20 and got no chain, so I thought even Tot wouldn't give chain, but it's just lv20 box.