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  • Finally 2x, but I can't train...

    Okay, this isn't an exaggeration at all but I really really can't train...

    It's finally 2x exp and 2x drop, but I just can't train at all because of the tremendous amount of hackers...

    At first it felt like they're following me on purpose, like I've done something bad to them but then I realized that it's just they're are just way way too many of them...

    I stopped training right now because, this is not a joke but I really can't train... I changed channels over and over, I even changed to other training places (since I was in popular training maps with the best exp) and went to train at other maps (bad maps with less exp but I though it'd be better than nothing) but even these maps were taken....

    Every single map, every single channel were taken...

    It really not cool to be honest, I was so happy that we finally had the chance to have 2x exp,drop again and I really wanted to train and even planned to buy 2x exp but thank god I didn't buy the 2x exp yet, because when I entered a training map, I already saw a bunch of hackers/botters and then changed channels, and then... well you see where it goes...

    Unfortunately, I had no choice but to stop training and logged off, guess I'll just go shopping or something.... I really didn't want ot miss this 2x exp but oh well...
    Thank you hackers -.-

    Also if you dn't believe me, just go to Bera and take a look at any kind of tarining place... look for yourself... -_-
  • We all want a merge

    NicholasB wrote: »
    cappykid wrote: »
    lets sign a petition lol

    im so sick of ghost town servers, maplestory is literally a single player/co op game now

    You should come to Scania and see what's a real ghost town, or more like a cemetery.
    What part of Scania are you in? It's very populated in Arcane River

    I'm also playing in Scania, and it's really dead in here, also even if it's populated in Arcane River, it's just 1 map... I mean, you can't really compare it and call Scania "active" just because a map or two has a lot of people in it... also all of them are afk 24/7, and maybe we should re name Scania to Arcane River.

    A populated world suppose to have a LOT of people and when I say a lot, I mean it! not just a bunch of 20 afkers in 1 map...
    Scania is probably 1 of the most dead worlds in GMS.
    If my main didn't have a high range, I'd probably start a new char in Bera.
  • Special Beauty Coupons Event Thread

    Since the last time of Special Beauty Coupons Event in 2017 on V Update(Champions) till now we didnt got that Event again and now it 2018 and it 1.5 Year passed then

    When will we getting the Special Beauty Coupons Event? i rly wants the Event to change the look of my last 6 new char

    Ty for help

    Give up.
    unfortunately, we won't get it anytime soon.
  • Do you think the community has gone up or down?

    Terror, you misunderstand my point, half if not most the time I cannot understand what the hell people say to each other because of the way people from all sides have twisted language or created phrases or words, or even use memes to just communicate. Which adds to my point, a comprehension barrier as well. I don't take part in getting offended by people's actions or words nor do I feel the need to "have something witty to say". I'm commenting on the de-evolution of communication.

    I say because there was not enough new players that came to play Maplestory.

    2. because Nexon doesn't listen to their people, not even once.

    3. because Nexon (unlike KMS who actually merged a LOT of worlds in their game KMS) hate to merge worlds and hate to make this game BETTER!

    Merge worlds now!
  • Sudden influx of hackers

    Pawble wrote: »
    While trying to train in Sleepywood in Broa/Khaini, I noticed there was a sudden increase in hackers/botters taking over pretty much every channel.
    I couldn't find a free map in Silent Swamp in all 20 channels and after moving to Humid Swamp, it felt like I was being chased by them, finding an open channel only to have it get taken over by a hacker barely 2 minutes into killing Drakes.

    Sorry if my formatting is poor, I don't normally post on forums and I don't know where to even put this besides maybe submitting a ticket.
    Hopefully I can correctly get an image up. The hacker is on the top right of the screen.


    I'm sorry to hear that, exactly the same thing happened to me and from my experience, the best thing you can do is simply give up.
    Yes, I know it's hard to read that but it's really the best thing to do because hackers will never take care of.

    I have already quit training, it's really useless and annoying because of hackers.
    Especially when you see a group of random people that their character (their igns were random, such as "aw3fasw4t3") lvl is barely15-18 and then the next day you see them in henesys again, all of them lvl 250..... (all of them were almost 100% naked)
    So why should I waste my time? nah I'd totally pass it -_-

    Also a lot of people are talking about what you're saying right now but Nexon usually just take these kind of threads and move them to "Rants and Raves". why? of course they'd tell you that it's because you're "rant" and this is "crazy talking" and such, but we all understand that the real reason is because they're trying to hide the fact that the amount of hackers is literally insane and they don't want/can't take care of hackers.

    So it's much easier to just make a section in the forum which is called "Rants and Rave" and simply move all those threads to that section instead of actually taking care of the problem.