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  • Opt-in to our Newsletters!

    I do not think we need junks emails to tell us about games content. This should be done on the site. If you share exclusive content updates in email only this is a bit ridiculous imo. You guys try to tell us that you want complete transparency on communications to the players, we’ll start by posting important stuff on your own website and forums... instead of sending us emails.
  • The game account is blocked, but I can't understan

    IT's an SQL timestamp or PHP.. they are stored this way in databases or webcode and usually converted automatically by client/websites but there is indeed an issue because that timestamp would say you have been banned on GMT: Friday, 11 February 1977 11:35:00 <- which the 1977 makes no sense.... but yeah it is probably a 30 day ban. :/
  • [Memory Leak] Game not fully exiting on close

    Well there are other issues related to that.. After the long run, the game starts to take so much memory that your client just freeze... sometimes you even have to restart your whole computer.. this is not normal at all i've an i7-9600k with 4GB ram graphic also.. and 12GB ram.... this game should be able to run on those specs flawlessly. Nexon should really make this issue a PRIORITY especially since it affect training and make us lose our buffs....
  • Major Lag Spikes

    I dont even understand how a game as old as MapleStory Manages to not be able to run properly on a really good computer that can run ANY modern games at full graphics without issues ( gta V, WoW etc). This issue needs to be solve ASAP. It makes the game unplayable for anyone who doesn't have a " gaming " computer. Not everyone can afford a 1200$ + computer... Those lagg spikes shouldn't be happening on a game like MapleStory... and the worst? This issue is OVERLOOKED EVERY PATCHES and becomes worst overtime..
  • [Memory Leak] Game not fully exiting on close

    I can confirm that the issue is NOT fixed with latest maintenance. I still get random crashes/ Memory leaks Especially when exiting cashshop/auction house or doing anything server changing related ( Change channel etc). The game just freeze then, you crash.