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  • Forum changes, rant and raves section moved

    I would like to adress the current forum changes being made. I think the Rant and Raves section is the perfect place to post about it. I've seen it got moved to the child categorie of off-topic. I would like to make a couple remarks about this, 90% of Rants were maple related and therefore it isn't off-topic. Another point I would like to highlight is that child categories doesn't work well on this forum and will decrease the forum visiblity.

    If you really wanna improve the forum than there is a section where you can start, the Maple Classified section.
    First of all I think its a bad name for this section, guild and market stuff is not really classified stuff at all.
    Second I think guild topics need to split up from the market section, all the guild recruitment are very poorly visible.
    Thirdly you could even consider splitting them up per server. So a new player who joins a server can easily find potential guilds he likes to join or an item on the market he or she would like to buy.

    I could keep ranting on for hours and hours, but let's start improving the forums in the correct way, taking visibility as main factor for improvement!
  • Black Friday Big Spender Event in Reboot

    Incase of Reboot equip shouldn't be handed out at all. Destroys the concept of the server.
  • When can Europe players start playing on Global?

    i dont understand those time's its 17:53 here now so when can we play?

    23.00 CET.

    The UTC time is equal to UK wintertime. But I agree they made the time confusing, since rest of the world use a 24hr clock so 10pm UTC is 22.00, which is equal to 23.00 CET.

    I hope in future they will indicate times with a 24hr clock and with CET (since Luna servers are CET)
  • Yonax Youtube Videos

    Let's start this brand new section of with its first topic, thank you for the section @KThxBaiNao

    On the old forum I had a topic where I shared my Youtube videos with my fellow maplers and I like to continue that traditiion here. Haven't figured out how to make it a nice little video box yet, where you can inmediately start watching the video so for now I just put some links.

    Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/mryonax
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/MrYonax

    Training video:

    Series of Job spotlight, where I review a class and look at it skils (possible reason to main a certain class)
    Battle Mage
    Night Lord
    Wild Hunter
    Shade / Eunwol
    Dark Knight
    Demon Avenger

    More links to come for this section

    My Maplestory guides:
    Link skills
    Character Cards
    Inner Ability
    Beginner & Decent Skills
    Hyper Stats
    Crusader Codex

    Will post the other links on a later moment as well.

    I got plenty more Maplestory videos, this is just a small selection of what I've made so far. Hope you all enjoy it and let me know if you got any suggestions or feedback!
  • Training Guide (1-250)

    On the old forum I had a training guide, which I like to continue here. Feel free to post any suggestions, I always look to update it and make it better!

    In the video you can see all the mainspots and how to get there and a couple of alternative spots, for more funded players. All other alternatives can be found below, in case a map is taken or you just wanna switch training location to keep it from getting dull.

    Training Spots
    These are the recommended maps for low to mid level funding. If you are funded using starforce (SF) maps is highly recommended (list below)!.

    ► Flaming Golems - Golem Temple 3 (10-20)
    ► Curse Eye - Green Tree Trunk (20-30)
    ► Coconut Slime - Beachgrass Dunes 1 (25-45)
    ► Wraiths - (40-50)
    ► Wild Boars - Wild Boar Land (45-52)
    ► Mummydogs (52-56)
    ► Copper Drake - Silent Swamp (56-71)
    ► El Nath: White Fang (71-78)
    ► Sandrats & Scorpions - Sahel 2 (78-100)
    ► BOSS: ** Zakum ** (100-150, kill arms first, 2x a day)
    ► ** Monster Park ** (100+) 2x per day
    ► West Leafre Forest (100-106)
    ► Robo's - Apparatus Room (106-120)
    ► Moon Bunnies - Black Mountain Entrance (120-140)
    ► Yellow King Goblin - Goblin House (135-145)
    ► Leafre: Hidden Street - The Hidden Dragon Tomb II (132-145)
    ► Kerning Tower (145-160) - Quests are very nice exp
    ► Temple of time (140-160) - Required for 5th job prequest, by lack of better training spots
    ► BOSS: ** Horntail ** (150-180, depending on your damage either normal or chaos ht, be carefull for 1/1 and seduce)
    ► Mutant Snail - Henesys Ruin Market (160-167)
    ► Advanced Knight A - Knight Chamber 1 (167-180)
    ► Swollen Stump - Desolate HIlls (180-185)
    ► Sinister Steel Mask - Forsaken Excavation Site 2 (186-200)
    ► Chaseroid - Scrapyard Hill 5 (200-210)
    ► Arcane River (200-210)
    - Sad Erdas (30 AF)
    - Blazing Erdas (40 AF)
    - Tranquil Erdas (60 AF)
    ► Chew Chew Island (210-220)
    - Slurpy Forrest (100 AF)
    - River map 3 (130 AF)
    - Whale map (160 AF)
    ► Lacheln (220-225)
    - Chicken Farm 2 (210 AF)
    - Revelation Place 3 (210 AF)
    - Clocktower 1 (240 AF)
    ► Arcana (225-250)
    - Cavern Lower Path (360 AF)
    ► Moreas (230-250)
    ► Esfera (235-250)

    Starforce maps (if you're well funded these maps train faster):
    ► Death Teddy - Forgotten Path of Time 3 (109-131) 26*
    ► Lion Kings Castle - 50*
    ► Dark Wyvern - Black Wyvern's nest (131-143) 65*
    ► Skelegon - The Dragon Nest, LB1 (143-150) 70*
    ► Kerning Tower - Floor 4 (145-160) 80*
    ► Oblivion Monk - Detour to Oblivion 1-4 (150-165) 90* (requires ToT quest done or hyper rock)
    ► Official Knight D&E - Drill Hall 1,2 (166-184) 120*
    ► Omega Sector - Corridor H01 (160-200) 140*

    Other alternatives:
    ► Blue Mushmom (15-25)
    ► Golden beach: Rough waves (40-50)
    ► Golden beach quests (35+)
    ► Ellinel Fairy Academy (30-40) Theme Dungeon
    ► Kerning Swamp area (45-55)
    ► Riena strait (50-60)
    ► Orbis Gardens (60-80)
    ► Magathia: Lab area B3 – Iron Mutae (81-100)
    ► Magathia: Lab area C2 – Roids (85-105)
    ► Mushroom Kingdom (60-70) - Theme Dungeon
    ► Tangyoon PQ (PQ, 60-80)
    ► Romeo & Julliet PQ (PQ, 70-120)
    ► Ludibrium: Toy Trojans (103-123)
    ► Mu Lung: Practice Field: Beginner - Straw Target Dummy (116-136)
    ► Leafre: Dragon Forest 1 - Blue Dragon Turtles (117-137)
    ► Herb town: Pirate Den 3 – Captain and Kru (121-140)
    ► Dimension Invasion (140+) 5x * Mobs can be max level 180
    ► Evolution Chamber, EVO (125-170) 3x 15min * Mobs can be max level 160
    ► Zipangu: Armory – Bains (120-140) 55*
    ► Armory 1 (164- 184) 120*
    ► Forest Excavation Site 4 (186-200)
    ► Kritias - Corrupted Magician - Corrupted Magic Forest 2 (200-210)
    ► Reparoid & Salvoroid - Black Heaven Deck 1 (210-220)
    ► Megaroid & Xenaroid - Black Heaven Maze 5/7 (220-250)
    ► Upper Left/Right Stem (218-240)

    These are all bosses you can do on a daily base, weekly bosses can give good Exp as well but are excluded from the list.

    ► Orange/Blue Mushmom (10-30) (Map boss)
    ► Easy zakum 2x (50+) **
    ► Zakum 2x (90-150), try to kill Arms for extra exp **
    ► Hilla 2x (120+)
    ► Ranmaru 2x (120+)
    ► Von Leon (130+)
    ► Hard Von Leon
    ► Horntail 2x (150-200, you can enter at 135)
    ► Krexel (140+)
    ► Bodyguard (The Boss) (160+)
    ► Commerci voyages (160+)
    ► Pink Bean (160+)
    ► Madman Ranmaru (180+)

    ** Shares entry counter

    You can gain additional exp in the following ways:
    ► Bishop: Holy Symbol (Phantom, shorter duration or Beast Tamer) or Decent HS from node (200+)
    ► Kanna: Kishin (increased spawn rate, amount of mobs)
    ► Mercedes: Link Skill 10/15/20% exp
    ► Evan: Link Skill 30/50/70% rune duration
    ► Aran: Link Skill combo orb exp
    ► Zero: Character Card 6/8/10% exp
    ► 2x EXP coupon Cash Shop
    ► 2x Exp Event
    ► MVP Gold or DIamond Map buff 2x
    ► 1.5x/ 2x EXP coupon USE or Winter 1.5x / Legion Potion 2x
    ► EXP coupon ETC
    ► Gold MPE potion 10% exp
    ► EXP poition 10% exp

    Pollo/Inferno Wolf - Spawn frequently in maps and give really nice exp!


    Please leave a reply to this topic if you have any information, which can help to improve the training guide for you all!
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