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that damn hoyoung main
  • Kanna's Shikigami Haunting skill Boost Node

    Bit of a slight correction: some classes have their 1st, 2nd, or 3rd job boosts at 2% FD because of 4th job passives that strengthen them. Not because they're primary skills explicitly.

    I do agree that shikigami deserves a nerf though. 300% extra FD at max level for a skill that gets upgraded as you job advance is excessive.
  • [Petition] Normal Server Single World Merge

    XiangTu wrote: »

    One anecdotal failed event = a bigger server is a horrendous idea?

    I could go on. In addition to that DMT, which failed multiple times, Bera has issues with lag too, and Reboot has been having lag issues as of late as well. Care to explain what would make this server not lag?
    I really don't get what kind of bubble some maplers live in, most MMORPGS are in the 6-digits + for active player population, these maple servers are likely on the low end of 4-digits.

    Do you have receipts? Other MMOs that also have a steam client average 3-4 digits as well. EVE Online in that link, only broke 5 digits for literally one week in November.
    Are you really suggesting Nexon couldn't invest in a quality server for 1 world over the server they have now poorly accommodating 4 different worlds?

    Based on how they treat Reboot and Bera right now, refusing to alleviate stability issues, what makes you think they'd care about this new server? The 3 "dead" worlds (bera's not dead let's be real here) rarely have the stability issues Reboot and Bera do.

    You should truly expect more from the company your pouring your time and money into at your own leisure.
    and i get called the nexon employee

    why should i expect more from the company that can't even keep two servers running properly?
  • Remove Maple tour from Reboot

    Maybe the more reasonable suggestion would be adding maple tour tickets to the reward shop? And in events? Seems much better than removing a meso source just because the designer was an idiot.
  • Equal marriage rights?

    Borga wrote: »
    Zork787 wrote: »
    All I take from your post is that your just a homophobe and your reasoning makes no god damned sense.

    Plenty of games these days have gay marriage in them, 2 for example are final fantasy 14 and stardew Valley, so don't spout nonsense thanks.

    What part of my reasoning makes no sense? you should first have reasoning for that.
    To answer your question, I don't hate gay people because I haven't met them yet, but what I hate is gay marriage and people asking for it.

    Marriage suppose to be happen between male and female, and companies the sexual relationship, and as well as parenting. No matter it's game or not, that's how marriage should be.

    That doesn't apply to male and male. Physically, and psychologically it's abnormal because male is designed to have sexual relationship with female, and they're designed to be attracted to opposite gender.

    For that reason, gay marriage shouldn't happen, or at least shouldn't have the right in public.
    Male isn't a replacement for a female, they're just male. Marriage shouldn't happen between the same gender.

    Again, it doesn't matter who loves who, but trying to apply that to the public is wrong.
    Most importantly, we don't know how that will effect on young ones psychological growth and physical behavior.
    Secondly, if the idea of abnormal marriage and sexual relationship grows in public, I'm sure that someday it will end up with animals or anything else. Marriage with animals, and sexual relationship with them. I can say, that is wrong and weird.

    If they want to love same gender and have sexual relationship with them, that's their choice. However they shouldn't deserve the public notice or right for marriage because it's not made for them. That's my reasoning.

    I personally think marriage should be removed in the game too. Or allow them only for married people in real life.

    Just say you're homophobic and go.

  • Would you play kanna without kishin?

    Top mobber, top support, and competitor for top bosser? Sign me up

    now if only kanna wasn't boring