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that damn hoyoung main
  • shadowknight coins in the cash shop

    why would you suggest this? literal pay to win?
  • Thank you for breaking the silence a bit for us!

    I don't think Ghiblee is the one we should be pointing pitchforks at. The person we should be waiting for a response from is Anna, the current director of GMS. She's (Anna) the one who makes the memos that give more info about what's going on in the game.
  • Oh my lord jesus, what is this god awful trade-off

    I don't know about you, but that armor looks kinda fresh to me
  • Regular servers are ruining Reboot

    I think you may want to reconsider who you're shifting blame onto. Regular servers aren't the one responsible for whatever vendetta Nexon seems to have against Reboot.

    Regarding suicide kannas, it's a kind of a grey area in my opinion. One one hand, banning them definitely creates a huge gap between newer/less funded players and those who can create Arkannas. On the other, I can see how a level ~140 area giving meso rates that rival those of the level 225+ could be problematic. Not saying it was a good idea, but I can kind of see the logic behind it. Plus dying repeatedly to stay within a level range is technically exploitative of game mechanics (as ridiculous as it may be). Regular servers definitely had no part in the banning of suicide kannas though. There's no reason to make one on them. However, I do agree Maple Tour is a terrible replacement in its current state.

    Gollux is actually hurtful to both regular servers and reboot. People who could kill Hell Gollux prevamp struggle with him now, reboot or not. The coin exchange limit is an arbitrary grind extender and has no real reason to exist except lengthen the time reg servers and rebooters need to take to get Gollux gear too. Anyone who had enough old Gollux coins, reg or reboot, has to wait at least 7 weeks if they want to swap all their coins for a superior item. It wasn't a change made just to spite reboot.

    The nerfing of Kishin definitely has nothing to do with reg servers since that nerf hurts us too. I think Nexon got rid of the 30 channels on reboot and bera due to not needing them at the time (they could definitely use them right now though). Also 30 channels would only really benefit Bera and Reboot, as I don't think the other worlds have enough players to justify 30 channels. Plus for the merged servers, I think they're still using the servers of the old worlds, but just combined.

    Money isn't the only thing to consider when merging servers btw. Server stability and crowding are also concerns. I also think its safe to assume more of Nexon's income comes from regular servers. I don't think this has anything to do with the last patches being harmful to reboot though. They haven't been very helpful to regular servers either.

    I think instead of blaming regular servers, you should blame poor decisions by Nexon themselves. The changes you claimed as harmful to reboot and beneficial to reg servers are harmful to regular too, except Maple Tour. Maple Tour is just a benign addition to regular servers. You do have reason to be mad though. The latest changes to Maple haven't been the greatest.
  • merging of paid servers

    The problem is the people clamoring for a merge are the vocal minority. They act like they speak for the majority despite most people outside the forums not wanting a merge, and when presented with legitimate concerns about a server merge, blow them off because "it's a massively multiplayer online role playing game" or because elysium lags too despite being the smallest server (do people seriously think this refutes the concern about lag in a mega server?).

    If a merge of a smaller scale like Elysium and Aurora was proposed, that'd be fine. But when a merge of half the GMS population is proposed, there's much more to consider than "merge the servers because i'm lonely".