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  • merging of paid servers

    Idk about you but ks-ing, lag, and crowding are relevant concerns for merging 4 servers into one. You're taking the population of Bera and more than doubling it.

    If anything you guys calling for a world merge are the "selfish" ones. You, the vocal minority, want something that almost everyone outside this forum opposes. Go outside the forum and suggest this, then you'll definitely get chastised by everyone else.

    Judging by how 30% of the overall GMS population isn't Bera or Reboot (50% reboot, 20% bera), not everybody remade to active worlds. I doubt the Reboot population is waiting for a world merge either. People like the idea of being able to progress with meso alone.

    If you really want people to quit, shove half the game's population into one server and force them compete for less available maps, adjust to a new market, and deal with any other consequences that come with a server merge. That'll piss people off enough to make them leave the game for sure.

    It is for Nexon to decide though. And if they have even a single IQ point, they know not to listen to a group that doesn't know what the **** Discord is. Your "dead" worlds are dead because everyone moved to a much more convenient platform to communicate. Nobody else wants to be as stuck in the past as you "merge all non-reboot world" idiots. But that doesn't matter, does it? It's "selfish" and "opposing everything just to argue" when people disagree with something that is definitely not good for the game's health.

    GMS's server selection is fine as is. "Dead" servers are actually a good thing too. Some people don't want to play in busy servers.
  • merging of paid servers

    psiP wrote: »
    to optimise players' gaming experience please merge all paid servers

    Absolutely not. I don't want to be competing with people from Bera, Scania, and Aurora for a map. Plus have you seen how many people complain about lag in Bera?
    it is quite evident that most paid servers apart from bera are losing active player base at an alarming rate

    Citation needed. Going off the discord server and steam's metrics, more people appear joining the game than leaving.. For non-bera servers I can't speak, but players likely aren't leaving at an alarming rate like you suggest.
    if over population is going to be a problem with having a single merged server consider creating more than 20 channels

    This one I'll give you. But it still wouldn't help that much with overcrowding and lag.
    Football5 wrote: »
    "everyone lag, crowding", no offense but speak for yourself please, not every single player lag, most players I know, atleast 95% of them got no issues at all.

    I don't lag either, but that doesn't mean it's not an issue/concern. If Bera and Scania do have lag issues, then jamming everybody into a single server would definitely amplify them.
    But even if some of what you said is true, the lack of people in Bera is just much worse... bera is completely desolate...

    What are you smoking? Bera's the most populated server outside of Reboot. If you really want to see "desolate", come to Elysium some time. We're not even that barren either.

    Merge all paid worlds into Bera right now please! we want it now!

    As you said...
    Football5 wrote: »
    speak for yourself please
  • Add equipment tab specifically for drop rate gear!

    Separate equip tabs is a good idea, but your suggestion is incredibly overpowered. I think it'd be better to have the equip tabs only give the boosts of whatever you have in each respective tab.
  • Are you kidding me

    They've always had different rates. Nexon is just required to show you them now
  • Jett Skill Revamp RANT

    It's best if the person in charge of Jett's balance passes on the torch to someone who either does care, or has an idea of what to do with Jett. The person in charge right now definitely has no idea how to balance or fix Jett if Nexon found it necessary to somehow make them worse than they already were.

    Jett's suffered enough already. Either give them some actual rebalancing, or completely rework the class. Giving Jett 10% extra final damage in exchange for crippling an already terrible toolkit is not how you "maximize efficiency".