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  • Forest of Tenacity + Endurance achievement names

    Bug type: Text

    Brief bug summary: The achievements "Fall 7 Times, Stand Up 8" and, "Champions keep playing until they get it right!" have both been renamed to "Blessed are those who persevere".

    The original names have been preserved in the achievement "An Adventure Just for Kicks and Giggles".

  • Shortcut into daily bosses

    Some of the best shortcuts includes completing Maple Guide stamps in order to warp to areas close enough to travel to the boss. An alternative is to use the Interdimensional Portal at Sixth Path Crossway.

    Easiest way to get to Sixth Path Crossway is Dimensional Mirror, Mushroom Shrine/Alishan, Henesys, Taxi, Sleepywood. Another option is if you have the Maple Guide Level 60 Sleepywood (Copper Drake) Stamp completed.

    To travel back to town for some areas it would be wise to carry a few return scrolls in-case Maple Guide fails.

    Boss Travel List
    • Lord Balrog - Use Maple Guide Level 60 Sleepywood (scroll down, the one on-top of Lord Balrog), or alternatively use the other Maple Guide Sleepywood. Walk the rest of the way to Lord Balrog.
    • Zakum - Use Interdimensional Portal and travel to El Nath, then talk to your 3rd Job Instructor at Chief's Residence. To return safely to El Nath talk to Adobis.
    • Ursus - Boss Queue teleports you there instantly, no actual queue.
    • Hilla - Use the Dimensional Mirror and travel to Fight for Azwan.
    • Von Leon - Use Maple Guide 110 or Taxi in El Nath to Lion King's Castle. Walk to Fourth Tower to Luden to receive The Knight's Magic Scroll to warp to Audience Room Corridor.
    • Papulatus - Use Maple Guide 110 to Bottom Clocktower Floor or Ludibrium Castle. Alternative to take Taxi in Ludibrium to Path of Time. Speak to Flo for the Piece of Cracked Dimension before heading to Deep Inside the Clocktower.
    • Ranmaru - Use Maple Guide 120 or Taxi in El Nath to Dead Mine. Walk to Dead Mine III and speak to Tukugawa Ieyasu.
    • Root Abyss (Von Bon, Pierre, Crimson Queen, Vellum) - Use the Dimensional Mirror and travel to Root Abyss.
    • Horntail - Use Maple Guide 130 or Taxi at Leafre to travel to Dragon's Nest. Walk the rest of the way to Horntail.
    • Pink Bean - Buy Return Scroll if needed. Use Maple Guide Level 140 Past of Venture Stamp, 150 Frozen Past (use return scroll for this one), 160 Burning Past (use return scroll for this one), 160 Destroyed Henesys. An alternative is to go to Leafre and travel to Temple of Time, Time Lane: Three Doors. Collect your Marble of Chaos from Temple Keeper then head to the door on the right and warp to Broken Corridor. Walk the rest of the way to Pink Bean.
    • Arkarium - Use the travel methods above for Pink Bean. At Time Lane: Three Doors walk all the way to the right end where you see the Goddess State and see a circular golden portal, press up, there should be a cracked mirror, enter Dimensional Schism/Distorted Temple of Time. Walk the rest of the way to Arkarium.
    • Julieta - Boss Queue teleports you there instantly, no actual queue.
    • Gollux - Dimensional Mirror and travel to Crimsonheart Castle. Walk the rest of the way to Gollux. To warp out of Gollux use Maple Guide.
    • Easy Magnus - Use Maple Guide Level 90 Heliseum Stamp. Alternative Sixth Path Crossway, Interdimensional Portal, Pantheon, Heliseum. Enter the Command Barracks.
    • Normal/Hard Magnus - Buy Return Scroll. Use Maple Guide Level 90 Heliseum Stamp. Alternative Sixth Path Crossway, Interdimensional Portal, Pantheon, Heliseum. Walk the rest of the way to Tyrant's Castle. When leaving Tyrant's Castle, at Tyrant's Castle Sitting Room Entry use Return Scroll.
    • OMNI-CLN - Use Maple Guide Level 160 or Interdimensional Portal to Omega Sector. Walk the rest of the way to OMNI-CLN.
    • Easy Cygnus - Boss Queue teleports you there instantly, no actual queue.
    • Normal Cygnus - Use Maple Guide 180 Hall of Honor, 170 Knight Stronghold Entrance, 170 Armory, or other ways mentioned for Pink Bean/Arkarium. Walk the rest of the way to Cygnus.
    • Lotus - Use Maple Guide 200 Haven. Walk the rest of the way to Lotus.
    • Damien - Use Maple Guide 200 Deserted Camp. Walk the rest of the way to Damien.
    • Lucid - Use Maple Guide 220 Dream Defender, or Lachelein The Dreaming City and walk the rest of the way.
    • Will - Use Maple Guide 230 Esfera: Origin Sea and walk the rest of the way.
  • Some Random Suggestions

    Making the game more difficult
    - Apply cooldowns to all potions
    - Give all boss monsters in the game attacks that can one shot players (avoidable of course). Imagine dying to Mushmom in this day and age...
    - Remove burning fields, increase rune cooldowns, lower exp from Inferno Den

    - Make a server that combines Lab server and Supreme World for maximum difficulty

    I would like to make suggestions to make the game more social/party and less solo, but I'm not sure if that's possible with how far the game has come. My only idea is to revert the game back to pre unleashed where the damage cap was 999,999 and parties were actually needed (or even pre big bang but that's not going to happen). Hard to make changes when you've come so far to the point where the game is just solo stuff.

    These ones, how about no? The scale of these suggestions are outside the realms of possibility. It's not feasible unless you're trying to kill the game or wanting the game to be entirely reworked for the end-game. Reverting back to 999,999 damage would literally make massive amounts of end-game content requiring a rework.

    Leveling has been made easier for players to catch up to 5th Job. Making the journey harder would only make it more annoying at this point where it wouldn't even welcome newer players and make veterans more enraged. Is Level 200-275, or 11k Legion already too easy for you?

    Field Bosses, Dojo Bosses, how many bosses are there? Requires massive reworks just to make the game harder for the lower levels. How about no?

    Making a mutation server of Lab and Supreme, yeah there are too many issues with that. Everything will one shot you, it will be more pay-to-win than the Non-Reboot servers. Lets not go down this path.

    Some advice. When you're making a suggestion stick to one core issue. Having multiple all-in-one that's carefully not considered is bound to receive negative feedback from all sorts of players.
  • ★★ Allow Cash Items and RP to function like KMS ★★

    Also this won't affect reboot at all either.

    I disagree. The changes made with Improving Reward Points listed by PhantomMasterThief would allow Reboot players to afford cosmetics by simply doing bosses/elite mobs/monster collection and every other RP method not listed.

    Sure Reboot may benefit a lot less, but saying there is no hope and dismissing it with the whole, "Nexon isn't gonna do crap", is good as being on the side of P2W content. A lot of us already know Nexon generates revenue through Marvel/DMT/Philo and other sales, but how much would it actually stop players from purchasing NX if more free-to-play methods are introduced? I think it would welcome current and new players as well.

    Also if the game was more free-to-play I'd invest more NX into cosmetics like Surprise Style, Perm Sales rather than Marvel, DMT, Scroll Sales, Philo, or any other methods.
  • Cat of all Trades ring missing?

    Bug type: Reward Distribution

    Brief bug summary: After v.190 – Nova: Liberation of Cadena Update, The Custom Kitty Special Power Ring was not given to players who participated in the Cat of All Trades Event despite the Custom Kitty Special Power buff being removed from the Special Custom Kitty.

    More details:
    From the previous patch notes:
    If you complete balance element daily missions multiple times, you'll be rewarded with a Custom Kitty Special Power. The Custom Kitty Special Power will turn into a ring after the event ends. The ring's power will be based on the number of balance element missions completed (5x, 10x, or 15x). The more missions you complete, the more powerful the ring will be!

    [Updated] v.189 – Midnight Monster Bash Patch Notes - Cat of All Trades