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  • Change Channel Issue - not changed on first click!

    Been experiencing this issue for an extremely long time. It would be nice to have it fixed.
  • Custom Forum Avatars

    Just like the news for Crimsonwood Keep Party Quest after Masteria Through Time. It's been quite awhile since then.

    I can understand it taking around a few months, but years isn't acceptable, that needs to change. Custom Forum Avatars would be nice.
  • Showa Spa Gachapeierrot needs to be moved

    A simple suggestion.


    This being in the middle of Showa Spa (F) and Spa (M) complete ruins the atmosphere by blocking the tub.

    The Great Gachapeierrot should be moved to the left of the Spa or completely moved outside in Showa Town or Showa Town Market.
  • Is MapleStory dying?

    The only reason why MapleStory is still here is because there is no other game with the genre of a 2D side-scroller MMO that can directly compete against it. Otherwise this game would've went into the dirt.

    There are many issues for the Global region.

    Suggestions generally do not pass through into the live game. And if they are it is generally done poorly, I wouldn't even put it remotely close to moderate or average. Some examples are how the Cash Shop Suggestions are delivered. Royal Hair and Eye styles generally still has a rotation of incredibly disgusting picks with maybe one or two good ones at extremely low rates while the similar format is done for Surprise Style Boxes. It seems that we're bound to random or subscription-based services since permanent items or a direct selection is rare for Cash Shop.

    It took years for Potential to become more accessible to free-to-play and by that time the damage has been done. Bonus Potential and Nebulites are still behind a massive paywall. The fact that many upgrades are generally accessible through Cash Shop and Marvel Machine which are near impossible in-game continues to discourage new players from ever joining. We're also the only region without Flames of Rebirth.

    There are many bugs that have not been fixed. The infamous one would be pet loot and kill lag which has been mainly caused by quests or trackers that attempt to keep a tally for whatever is being counted for. Another issue is The Afterlands which is just a total nightmare if you encounter a bug. Ursus Kill Screen, Exploration Boxes, TakeOver Reward Boxes, Kanna Not Receiving [Easy Magnus] Magnus Simulator, Change Channels does not work on first attempt, Korean Folk Town Deep Water Bug, and many more.

    Reboot isn't a solution to everything since they also suffer from a lack of suggestion changes such as Nebulites, with subscription-based services like cosmetics and pets along with having the worst stability as the most populated server. Not saying that other servers haven't encounter stability issues. Even though the main issue that had plagued us for weeks has been resolved there is still a lingering lag that continues for me in Scania throughout certain channels, some worse than others.

    Cheaters are another issue. Many remain unpunished and seems to keep getting away whether they're within the shadows or in plain sight. They plague the rankings and markets making them utterly useless. Those people are the ones who ruin the game as well by making an imbalance with the power structure making more people stronger than they should be in all servers and making mesos entirely worthless in Non-Reboot. Has anyone seen the plague of hackers in secluded areas such as Mu Lung, Herb Town, Masteria, etc.? They're within Arcane River too if you know where to look.

    Sure that there's a lot of issues at hand, but with the amount of money-milking going on especially from the Re:Zero Event (more like a Cash Shop cash grab than an actual event) why hasn't the game improved more than it has with Tune Up? In my opinion that name is a joke of an update.

    The game is great and all, but those behind the decisions for the Global region continue to fail my expectations again, again, and again that isn't even close to second-rate.
  • Need help finding the ribbon pig's house

    That is part of Fairy Forest: Dark Cave Path in Elluel.

    To get there you need to go to Ellinia, then Chimney Tree: Close to the Sky, go down the rope and go through Flowery Forest.