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MapleStory enthusiast, Pre-BB player, and Dual Blade.
  • What are you listening to right now?

    This is just beautiful:

    [MapleStory BGM] Eluna: Weight of the Soul
  • Adding Ultimate Dark Sight

    HoneyWater wrote: »
    i should just stop making Discussions p_p

    WELL THANKS FOR THE COMMENTS 8'D i always Appreciate them

    Do not be afraid to ask questions, in fact make them in the General Discussion next time since you don't know if it is or isn't a bug, or it has or hasn't been added yet.

    Just skip out the embarrassment and many of us knowledgeable players will be able to help you. We'll be right behind you! :)
  • The best thing to ever happen

    Why would you delete a Jett when it gives Critical Damage for it's character card and if it's Level 140+? In my opinion, that's a pretty decent Legion Attacker.
  • P/C Occult Cube(s)

    I would only be selling the little amount I find from the Override boxes myself but your tip seem like a more reliable way of getting more, thanks! Oh and I'm playing in Europe, Luna.

    Oh, I may have misunderstood the intent. Occult Cubes from Monster Exploration are only tradeable within account.

    As far as I know, you can only get tradeable Occult Cubes through Override Boxes. I'm not sure about prices for Luna but continue to check the Free Market and Auction House to have at least some prices to reference.
  • P/C Occult Cube(s)

    Instead of buying Occult Cubes I would suggest doing Monster Collection by Exploration. The 24 Hour Exploration gives Occult Cubes in packs of 5.

    But in order to unlock Exploration, you need to complete a row set in order to Explore.

    To unlock more slots for Exploration it requires more monsters to be collected.

    Monster Collection and Crusader Codex are two different things, so don't mix them up.

    If you're still planning to buy Occult Cubes you should mention your server name, and you should also check Auction House which can be accessed through the menu tab in town.