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  • New Rune System

    YinYangX wrote: »
    3. Neglected runes get cursed, so basically if someone decides to leave a rune, no one will ever activate it because they don't know if it's cursed or not, meaning curse will only get worse and every map will eventually have a cursed rune.

    Tested this as server went live.

    Cursed Runes will be notified on the middle of the screen upon entering a map.

    If you used a Cursed Rune you will get the effects of the rune being shown along with a Sealed Power which prevents being affected by Cursed Runes effects. It is safe to use a Cursed Rune and there are no benefits of not using one.
  • Lag Spikes & Keyboard Freezing causing deaths

    Combine that with my keyboard freezing ONLY with Maplestory means that I probably shouldn't even be playing this game because it's literally broken & unplayable beyond a certain point.

    Well I figured out this from awhile ago but MapleStory HATES some USB devices. I had a keyboard that produced those results in the past which absolutely fustrated me which also only applied to MapleStory.

    On the other hand lag in general stops a lot of functions which can get players killed. I have doubts it's the cause of botters or else we would've noticed problems on a regular basis instead of it being once in awhile.

    I agree that all needs to be addressed. We have had these problems for years and this is one major reason why many people do not want to come back or join anything connected to the name Nexon.
  • Damien is broken....

    is the fight against him that hard? i never went further into the story yet. i was waiting till my character reached lvl 200 then 5th job.

    For the story mode he isn't that difficult, unless he bugs with swords or being invisible. You don't need to be Level 200/5th Job to beat him since your actual character never participates unlike in Black Heaven.

    For Normal/Hard mode (after completing the story) If you haven't fought Chaos Root Abyss or Lotus you can forget about Damien. The damage wall is simply high up.
  • Gold Dragon Portal issue

    As a workaround for this issue try to go to the location where the NPC is on the mini-map in Mu Lung, then press up.

  • Oh boy, Equipment Packages?

    I would like it if they both had Equipment Packages and individual items for permanent for said items in demand.

    Not everyone spends money on Surprise Style Boxes because there's a limit that people do not want to pass, along with the fact that rates will be rigged to not be in your favor most of the time.

    Direct purchase for items would enable those players to support the game without having to go through RNG that can possibly leave the player unsatisfied due to the items obtained and the amount of money spent.